ISIS in Syria Cornered by U.S. Troops, No Way Out!


The war on terrorism is a very difficult and complex operation with theaters spanning the entire globe, but Syria has been the main focus for many months.

Syria has been a hotbed of terrorist activity in recent months, and the has served as the de facto headquarters for ISIS, the world’s most prolific and heinous organized terror group.  A joint effort to combat these radical Islamic militants has witnessed the likes of the Russian and U.S. militaries doing what they do best:  Smoke out bad guys and eliminate them.

Now, a major breakthrough has come in the Syrian front against ISIS, with U.S. troops finally trapping the nefarious terror organization and blocking their known escape routes.

“Operation Inherent Resolve, the 68-nation mission to destroy ISIS, flew in fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces, a US-backed rebel group, behind enemy lines to a strategic dam.

“’It takes a special breed of warrior to pull of an airborne operation or air assault behind enemy lines,’ Col. Joe Scrocca, a spokesperson for Operation Inherent Resolve told the Times.

“‘Seizing Tabqah Dam will isolate Raqqah from three sides and give the SDF the strategic advantage and launching point needed for the liberation of the city,’ said the release. But while the US says they’re mainly backing local forces, they seem poised to take on a more active role with conventional forces fighting ISIS on the ground in Raqqa.

“The Pentagon has been considering sending as many as 1,000 ground troops to help take back Raqqa from ISIS, which would signal a reversal of the Obama-era policy to fight ISIS via train and equip methods and airstrikes.”

ISIS has been extremely effective in recent months, especially in Europe, where their covert operatives have been easily able to slip across national borders due to the relaxed security standards that arose in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis.  Now, with their main fighting forces virtually trapped in Syria, perhaps a fatal blow can finally be landed.

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