ISIS Sinks to a New Low – Murders Six Men by Boiling them Alive!

Over the years most of America has seemingly become desensitized to the horrors that ISIS has wrought upon our planet. It’s a travesty because ISIS has truly deserves to be mentioned among the most disgusting criminals our planet has ever seen.

But the latest ISIS freak show was especially gruesome. The Christian Post is reporting that the monsters of ISIS recently murdered six prisoners by tying them up, dropping them into vats of tar and boiling them to death.

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After the militant group executed seven of its own jihadi soldiers who fled the battlefield in Iraq last month by tying them up and boiling them alive in a giant cauldron of water, an unnamed source told Iraqi News that IS recently sentenced six men to death and boiled them to death in tar vats.

“ISIS executed six persons in Mosul for collaborating with Nineveh Operations Command,” the source explained. “The death sentence was issued ISIS Sharia court.”

“The six persons were placed inside tanks containing boiling tar and the execution was carried out in one of ISIS headquarters at al-Shora,” the source added.

The source continued by saying that the execution was carried out in such a tortuous manner in order to intimidate local residents.

“The execution took place in public and it was done with an aim of inciting fear among the citizens,” the source stated.

Media activist Abdullah al-Malla spoke with the Kurdish news site ARA News and explained that hundreds of onlookers were present for the execution.


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