ISIS Makes Massive Threats On Eve of French Election

France is in the grips of a momentous election this weekend, and things could grow even more dire according the international terror syndicate ISIS.

The radical Islamic terror group, who has been in the crosshairs of Russian and Syrian forces in the Middle East for some time, has exploited the Syrian refugee crisis to an abhorrent degree in recent months.  As European nations continue to bicker about the proper way to vet and accept refugees from terror-torn nations, Jihadists have been easily slipping into the ranks of asylum seekers and jetting around the globe.

Nations such as France and Sweden were particularly hard hit by the web of horror being cast about the globe, and now, with mere hours to go before France heads to the polls, ISIS leadership is making sick demands of their large spread of lone wolf operatives.

“TERROR fears are growing in France amid revelations ISIS has made a sick call for jihadis to carry out lone wolf attacks on election day this Sunday.

“In an article featured in a French edition of the extremist group’s monthly propaganda magazine Rumiyah, the terrorists call on followers to ‘kill candidates’ Marine Le Penand Emmanuel Macron, and ‘burn down polling stations’.

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“The chilling call for terror comes as France gears up to vote in the second round of its presidential elections at the weekend, Zero Hedge reports.

“The article reads: ‘Don’t forget your duty as a Muslim. Choose a candidate to kill & polling station to burn.’

“The extremists also urge their supporters to put their faith in Allah over a ‘false deity’, or Western democracies, and tells them to refrain from voting in the coming election.

While these types of threats and vitriol are certainly nothing new for the world’s premiere harbingers of doom, the ease at which ISIS has been able to strike in France casts a pall of worry over many election watchers.  France has been the target for terror in the past year, with a multitude of attacks in a multitude of styles being conducted within their borders for over a year.

The French are already concerned about a violent reaction to the election, which has pinned French elitist and status-quo magnate Emannuel Macron against the France-First candidate Marine Le Pen.  Given the massive shift in the European community after the success of Great Britain’s Brexit vote, many see this French election as the lynchpin for the entire European Union.


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