ISIS Magazine: Jesus is ‘Slave of Allah’

ISIS, being the media-savvy monster den that it is, has numerous projects at any given time that help it get the word out about the joys of jihad.

The current issue of Dabiq, ISIS’s English-language magazine, is a special edition aimed at converting Christians and other non-Muslims, claiming Jesus is “a slave of Allah” and he will “wage jihad” at his Second Coming.

It’s an educational look into the warped minds of the Islamic terrorists.

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The special “Break the Cross” issue also contends that Jesus was never crucified, that he was only a prophet of Allah, and most of the New Testament is a “perversion” of the real story.

The mastermind behind this rewrite of Jesus’ story, according to Dabiq, is St. Paul, who was actually just a “treacherous Jew” who worked from the inside to destroy the early Christian Church.

The magazine aims at all “Crusaders,” including atheists and skeptics, by letting them “read into why Muslims hate and fight them, why pagan Christians should break their crosses, why liberalist secularists should return to the fitrah (natural human disposition), and why skeptical atheists should recognize their Creator and submit to Him.”

This being an Islamic propaganda sheet, there’s a lot of stuff and nonsense about Islam’s compassion and mercy. Tell that to the countless people who have been maimed, tortured and killed for little or no reason by the compassionate soldiers of Islam — like the elderly priest in Normandy who was murdered recently at the altar of his own church, in front of nuns and parishioners.

That ISIS-celebrated incident included the re-dedication of the “captured” altar to Mohammed by the young jihadists, who had committed themselves and their actions to ISIS but were nonetheless called “wannabes” in some news outlets.

In case you’ve forgotten what the face of evil looks like, it’s all here in the pages of ISIS’s magazine. It’s slick, professional-looking and full of phony sincerity designed to suck in the gullible. If you’re not careful, at times it’s almost believable. Goebbels would be proud.

“And despite their wretched condition of ignorance and arrogance, we take this occasion of multiple massacres inflicted upon their citizens and interests to call them once again to the religion of pure monotheism, truth, mercy, justice, and the sword,” the editors write in the foreword.

It’s a real piece of work that rails against all manner of Western decadence, including Freud, feminism and homosexuality, sections that liberals should pay special attention to. Liberals like to fantasize about Christians trying to control their personal choices. For them, there’s a section in the ISIS publication describing just how Islam will dictate everything from brushing their teeth and shaving their pubic hair to “snorting water then expelling it” (apparently, Kleenex is not allowed).

In between the glossy pictures of smiling children and dead bodies, the overall message is clear: The fervent promise of practitioners of the Religion of Peace is to take us down.

Except for Donald Trump, are any of our would-be leaders listening?

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