ISIS Founder Says Trump Can’t Defeat Them [VIDEO]

The ISIS founder criticizing Trump for phony strength was Hillary Clinton. Make sense?

Donald Trump called out Hillary as an ISIS founder — the co-founder with Barack Obama. He may have to renew that attack to expose Hillary’s lies.

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It almost seemed, as she talked about strength, that she could not sit up in her chair. I had to watch it again before I noticed that she did push her shoulders out a bit. I would like to see footage of her getting up from the chair after the interview. The recent video of her being carried or dragged to her vehicle may have affected my first impression.

No doubt Hillary Clinton thinks that calling her the co-founder of ISIS was one of Donald Trump’s outrageous statements. It wasn’t. It was sober reality. As Kenneth Timmerman recently wrote at The Hill (emphasis added),

I have already “fact-checked” Trump’s claim that Clinton and Obama were “founders of ISIS” and found it to be true not just because the precipitous U.S. withdrawal created a security vacuum for ISIS to exploit, but because it was the policy of the U.S. government at the time to reinforce and arm the groups that morphed into ISIS, as a now-declassified Defense Intelligence Agency report from August 2012 shows.

Of course, The Washington Post and the media elites dismissed Trump’s claim with a predictable sneer.

How can Hillary credibly claim to be trustworthy to defeat ISIS when she is still lying about her role in empowering them? Remember, even the New York Times has admitted her role in aiding terrorists and destabilizing Libya. She has advocated and implemented as much as she could exactly the same plan for Syria. That was what gave us ISIS as a geo-political power and an inspiration for terrorists all over the world.

If Donald Trump is “strong enough” to refrain from arming and funding terrorists, that alone makes him preferable to Clinton.

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