ISIS Claims Responsibility for “Lone Wolf” Stabbing Attacks Sweeping Across Germany!

The mainstream media has invented and popularized the term “lone wolf” terrorism in an effort to explain away terrorism by seemingly random individuals who do not fit their mold of what a terrorist should be.

In the past the authorities had used the term to describe any terrorist activity carried out by a single individual without help or support from others. As the war on terror has dragged on over the last few years the media has appropriated the term to account for Muslim terrorists who seem to act on their own.

However, there is growing evidence that “lone wolf” is a misnomer for these situations.

See, unlike traditional “lone wolf” terrorists, the Muslim radical who acts on his own is never really alone. He (or she) has very likely been soaking up the teaching of radical Muslim leaders, he has likely been studying the tactics of terrorists who came before him, he has likely availed himself of the knowledge and experience of other Muslim radicals, and when he finally goes on the attack he has likely done so with the knowing the methods and parameters of his favorite terrorist organization/leader. These “lone wolves” are never alone they are simply separated from their preferred group by geography, or time. However, in their acts of violence they “reconnect” and prove that there is no such thing as lone wolf terrorism in Islam.

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For evidence one only needs to look to Germany where the authorities have been dealing with these supposedly “lone wolves” over and over again this past year.

In fact, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the most recent “lone wolf” attack which took place in Hamburg, Germany on October 16th. “A soldier of the Islamic State stabbed two individuals in Hamburg city on the 16th of this month,” a release from ISIS said. Police in Hamburg say that two teenagers were attacked by a man with a knife on October 16th. A 16-year old boy was killed but his 15-year old female companion escaped unharmed. The authorities have been unable to find the attacker and say the motivation for the crime is unknown.

Sadly, attacks like this are becoming far more frequent in Germany.

From the Telegraph UK:

A teenage girl is on trial in Hanover after wounding a police officer with a knife in February, with prosecutors arguing Isil is behind the attack.

In July, Isil claimed it was behind a suicide bomb attack which wounded 15 people, as well as an axe attack in a train by a teenage asylum seeker which left five people hurt.

June saw a group of men arrested on suspicion of planning a bomb attack on Dusseldorf, while another suspected bomb-maker was arrested in eastern Saxony in October but later killed himself in his cell.

Previously, a 41-year-old Iraqi was killed by police after wounding an officer in Berlin in September 2015.

A month before, two German jihadist fighters claiming to belong to Isil in Syria released a video in which they threatened Germany and Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In their release claiming responsibility for the October 16th attack, ISIS also added that Muslims living in nations that are fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria should continue targeting civilians for retribution. In essence, ISIS is begging Muslims the world over to take violence into the streets of the nations they live in, whether on their own or in groups.

The evidence is clear: in Islam there is no such thing as a “lone wolf” attack. Unless Western Nations begin acclimating to this reality, they’ll be unable to successfully fend off attacks like this in coming days. For all our sakes, Western leaders need to wake up to the realities of war against radical Islam.

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