ISIS Beheads a 100-Year Old Blind Man

While ISIS in Syria and Iraq is struggling to maintain their hold on their so-called caliphate, ISIS outside of the region continues to grow more powerful and fearsome. How fearsome?

A just released video shows ISIS in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula wreaking havoc and acting seemingly without concern for law enforcement or of Egypt’s government.

The video shows the beheadings of two elderly men that the ISIS speakers say are guilty of witchcraft. However, local media has said that the men were actually leaders in a local Sufi Islam mosque. One of the elderly men beheaded in the video was 100 years old and blind, but the terrorists have no mercy or concern with appearances. (The UK’s Daily Star has a series of screenshots from the deplorable video).

The video shows the terrorists taking two elderly men out of a van and forcing them to kneel on the rugged desert ground. Then a man reads what he claims to be a verdict from a Sharia court condemning the two men to death for “apostasy, sorcery, claiming the ability to tell the future, and leading people to polytheism.” ISIS often uses these terms to refer to Sufis, an Islamic sect that practices mystic rituals and has been doing so for a few hundred years. Another of the terrorists can then be heard saying, “Thanks be to God who has allowed the Islamic State’s soldiers in Sinai in applying his law and instituting religion in spite of all the infidels, apostates and envious Jews.”

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This is particularly frightening because the area where ISIS is operating most, the Sinai Peninsula, borders Israel to the North, putting ISIS terrorists precariously close to the Jewish border.

The Huffington Post has more on the video:

In the video, which is also notable for the fact that the men speaking in it are unmasked, fighters are shown seizing trucks full of cigarettes and drugs, and then burning them.

They are also seen handing out fliers with religious advice to motorists at checkpoints and raiding a Sufi gathering and arresting a number of men, who are given a religious sermon and then made to sign a document saying they will repent.

Fighters are also seen smashing television sets and satellite dishes, destroying tombs they say go against Islamic burial laws, and using sticks to beat men accused of smuggling.

They are also shown blowing up what they describe as Sufi shrines.

And so the dangers of “radical Islamic extremism” continue to spread unabated, while here in the United States liberals continue to embrace Islam seemingly without a thought or consideration of the dangers they are forcing on us all. 🇺🇸

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