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ISIS Again Strikes Russia in Jihadist Stabbing Spree That Injures Seven

Radical Islamic terror has been rampant throughout the European continent for months, but now it seems that ISIS is spreading well beyond the confines of the EU.

ISIS has had it easy in Europe.  The European Union has made ridiculous demands of its member nation in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis, mandating a certain number of relocated migrants within each supposedly sovereign nation.  This has caused a great decline in the security at the borders of these nations, as authorities struggle to meet the quotas installed by the foolish EU decree.  While nations such as Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary have protested the move and refused to take in migrants, the rest of Europe has been complicit with the plan.

This has created a golden opportunity of the caliphate fighters of ISIS, who are now virtually free to roam the continent disguised as asylum seekers.  In turn, most of Europe has become a literal war zone.

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Now, however, the radical Islamic jihad has seemingly reached Russia as well.

“A KNIFEMAN wearing a fake suicide belt has been shot dead by police after stabbing seven people in Russia – with Isis claiming responsibility for the attack.

“A new video appears to shows the attacker apparently planting or even igniting an explosive device – possibly a Molotov cocktail – in a Surgut shopping mall.

“The man, named locally as 19-year-old Artur Gadzhiev, was gunned down by cops after going on a horrific stabbing spree in Surgut on Saturday.

“Claims have since emerged that the teen’s father, Lametulakh, was registered with Russian police as an ‘extremist’ and was a ‘supporter’ of radical Islam.

“The suspect had previously been named locally as a 23-year-old, but news outlet media since claimed his real name was Artur, a teen from Dagestan, a strongly Muslim region of Russia in the Caucasus.”

This is not the first terror attack in Russia this year, with an earlier incident revealing the religious scope of ISIS reign of violence.

Unsurprisingly, the nations of Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia have been completely devoid of terror incidents in this latest spate of attacks, a fact certainly related to their anti-immigration stance against the EU.

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