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Is This Hillary Flunky’s Cryptic Tweet A Subtle Hint at His 2020 Vision?

For the liberal left, it certainly appears that the 2016 election is still far from over as their progressive posse continues to mow down and delegitimize President Donald Trump over 18 months after taking office in an uncontested election.

This is all due to the “resistance”; a clever marketing technique for political dissonance that plays on the millennial generation’s obsession with revenge stories such as Star Wars, Boondocks Saints, and anything by Quentin Tarantino. The romantic nobility that they have slathered onto the idea of opposing one’s own nation is absurd, to say the least, but so are most things that slither out of the leftist Deep State swamp of the D.C. Beltway.

In mid-2018 we are growing almost accustomed to the ridiculous corruption of the democrats and their leftist allies, with the FBI now showing their stripes as a bonafide political harassment agency that was totally hellbent on destroying the candidacy of Donald Trump.  The ringleader of the spooks’ resistance was James Comey, who, on multiple occasions now, has been found to be an asset to the democrats during what should have been dark times for the doomed party.

Now, even on the heels of an inflammatory IG report condemning his leadership and behavior, Comey continues to push forward as though his sanctimony schtick were legitimate.  After a bizarre tweet today, however, there are growing concerns that the disgraced former politico could be seeking a higher calling.

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An odd photo that disgraced former FBI Director James Comey posted to Twitter on Saturday triggered concerns that he might be planning a presidential run in 2020.

The photo depicted Comey standing in the middle of a cornfield field in Iowa, a state that tends to attract a lot of presidential contenders because it holds the first contest of the presidential primary season.

“So good to see new growth in Iowa and across the country,” Comey wrote as a caption.

According to the tweet, Comey also had all of this luggage stolen at the airport and was forced to make a pit stop at a Salvation Army store before taking this photo.

Either that, or he’s running late for his Sous Chef shift at Olive Garden.

To be fair, this wasn’t even the strangest Comey tweet of the week.  That honor goes to this gem, depicting the former FBI chief next to a mythical creature with more confirmed sightings than Hillary’s health records and Mueller’s evidence of Russian collusion combined:

We will say that, should Comey be considering a run at the White House, it may be worth reminding him that he won’t be able to govern from within jail.

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