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Is Martial Law On Its Way To UK in Wake of Manchester Attack?

Often, after serious terror attacks, there is an overwhelmingly swift response in which the victims are willing to sacrifice liberty for freedom.

This impulsive, knee-jerk reaction to horror is nothing new.  When it seems as though our regular defensive measures have failed to keep us safe, it seems almost natural to wish for a bigger, badder, and more effective solution to safety.

In America, after the attacks of September 11th, the United States was quick on the draw, vastly rearranging airport security measures and creating two powerful governmental agencies designed to combat the possibility of similar terrorist attacks originating from airplanes and airports:  The Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration.

For the most part, Homeland Security has been a welcome addition to national defense, albeit with a few minor flaws that seem to be working themselves out.  The TSA on the other hand, has been a fumbling mess from day one with no end in sight to their ineffective and unfathomable behavior.

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Now, after a massive terror attack in Manchester, England, the British people are facing a similar dilemma, but with the added drama of an enormously flawed immigration push due to the Syrian refugee crisis.

“THERESA May has raised the threat level to critical and announced the Army will be deployed on the streets of Britain amid fears another terror attack could be imminent.

“The terror threat level is critical for only the third time ever as investigators continue to probe links suicide bomber Salman Abedi may have to terror groups.

“Raising the terror threat to critical means security services are expecting another attack imminently – the threat had been at severe since 2014.

“Mrs May has warned it is possible a ‘wider group of individuals’ were responsible for last night’s atrocity which targeted youngsters at an Ariana Grande pop concert.”

By allowing the British Army to patrol the streets, May is hoping to create the illusion of safety to pacify her people, however, historians and liberty lovers the world over will be quick to point out that this looks and feels a lot like martial law.

The concern with allowing the army to override the protocols for enforcement in civilian situations is a grave one.  While local constables are familiar with the area and the patterns of the people, these new military patrols will be in unfamiliar territory, and no amount of training can truly provide them with the necessary information to keep the peace without incident.

Furthermore, should the situation in England further deteriorate, the government will now have in place the means to completely nullify the will and freedoms of the people.  This would allow Theresa May the ability to effectively enslave anyone deemed a threat with no recourse for the accused.


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