Is Israel Democratic?

We all have been raised to honor and revere Democracy. We are told in school that the United States was the first Democracy in the world and that other countries soon moved to follow our lead. But this, you might want to sit down for this, was a lie.

We were not the first Democracy in the world. This is true for two important reasons. First, there has been many Democracies throughout history. One of the first and most successful was the city-state of Athens. The second is that we are not a Democracy, we are not nor have we ever been. We are a Constitutional Republic.

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So, when we see Kerry explain that the reason that the United States could not veto the vote against Israel we have to wonder if he is really that clueless.

The Washington Post reports

Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday that if Israel rejects a two-state solution for peace with the Palestinian people, “it can be Jewish or it can be democratic.”

The U.S., he said, “did in fact vote in accordance with our values.” The secretary of state said critics “failed to recognize that this friend, the United States of America, has done more to support Israel than any other country.”

It seems Kerry would have us believe that America could not vote against the resolution because that would be a vote against Democracy. Good, it is the worst form of government ever instituted. It always degenerates into despotism. It did in Athens, and almost every communist country in history started as some form of Democratic system.

But, even more important to this point is the fact that he is right. The nation of Israel is not able to be Jews and Democratic. The reason has nothing to do with this high ideal that you are supposed to vote without thinking of your “race.” The reason is that Israel also is not a Democracy.

That’s right kids; they are a Republic. So, once again Kerry would have been better to remain silent than be so erroneous.

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