Is Healthcare a “Right”?

In a recent video put together by the folks at Politically Skeptical two leaders from opposing schools of thought explain their views on healthcare as a right.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) speaks for the socialist point of view, while former Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) offers the libertarian perspective. While Sanders argues that every person has an absolute right to the same kind of healthcare as the wealthiest of people, Dr. Paul explains that if you believe healthcare is a “right” you must also believe that slavery is okay.

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Why? For most of Western History a “right” has been something that every person can claim innately. Rights have also always been things that can be attained without interfering with the rights of your neighbor. While you have the right to free speech, I have the right to not listen. However, with healthcare… if healthcare was a “right” it would mean that people who needed healthcare had the ability to force doctors to provide that healthcare. We also call this… slavery (or theft). Bernie and the socialists are wrong, healthcare is not a “right.”

Watch as Dr. Paul schools Bernie Sanders on rights.

The great differences between the Libertarian Ron Paul and Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders on whether Healthcare is a right.

Onan Coca

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