Is Ben Carson An Obnoxious Narcissist?

Words cannot adequately express how frustrated and confused I am by Ben Carson, but I’ll do my best.

After getting fourth place in Iowa, eighth in New Hampshire, sixth in South Carolina, and fourth in Nevada, Carson should have known what was coming. Iowa and South Carolina are states in which he should have done quite well, given his religious roots, and he only got fourth in Nevada by virtue of the fact that the contest had winnowed to a five man race by February 23.

Looking ahead to Super Tuesday, RealClearPolitics polling put him dead last in five states, and second to last in all the rest, save Alaska. Adding insult to injury, none of the polls were close calls. Margins of 12 percent, 13 percent, 15 percent, and 20 percent pervaded the polls, but he refused to take a bow.

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Carson even wrote an op-ed for Fox News February 29, in which he claimed his campaign was “gaining momentum,” and that he wouldn’t back down, writing:

“I’ve vowed to continue our campaign as long as we have revenue and support, until the people have decided.”

Super Tuesday came, the people decided, and to no one’s surprise, Carson lost big time, only gaining three delegates. The only reason he got any delegates at all is because Virginia–where he got a paltry 5.9 percent of the vote–doesn’t have a minimum threshold like most of the other Super Tuesday states.

On March 2, Carson announced that he wouldn’t be attending the next debate, adding that he’d make a speech about the future of his campaign at CPAC Friday. This is highly indicative of an impending campaign suspension.

What was that about gaining momentum?

There are several reasons someone like Carson would stay in the race despite abysmal poll numbers, and the blatant lack of a path to the nomination. Ego–Maybe Carson was so deluded that he actually believed he had a chance. Spite–Perhaps Carson knew that many of his voters would have shifted to Ted Cruz, whom he allegedly dislikes intensely. Stupidity and/or ignorance–I don’t buy that one. Publicity–staying in the race means a continued presence in the spotlight, and all the rewards that come with that.

Carson likely took precious votes from Cruz, and to a lesser extent, Rubio.

In addition, Carson continued to perpetuate the myth of “dirty tricks” on the part of Ted Cruz, and subsequently the Cruz “campaign.”

I refuse to accept that Ben Carson truly believed Ted Cruz had anything at all to do with the incident in Iowa in which a Cruz staffer misinterpreted a misleading CNN report, causing voter confusion. Yet, he persisted in pushing the “dirty tricks” meme, causing long-term damage to the Cruz campaign. This also allowed other candidate’s accusations of trickery to stick to Cruz like glue, regardless of their integrity.

Ted Cruz even apologized multiple times for the incident, even though it was clear he wasn’t at fault.

I don’t buy the notion that Ben Carson is a righteous man. Not anymore. Anyone with an ounce of gray matter should know that the average voter isn’t going to distinguish between “Ted Cruz” and the “Cruz campaign.” So, unless Carson’s a moron, he knew that perpetuating the “dirty tricks” buzzphrase would do damage to Cruz, but he did it anyway.

Now, the political winds are pointing to a possible Trump endorsement from Carson.

According to a former Carson staffer who spoke with Independent Journal on condition of anonymity:

“The chance of Ben jumping onboard with Trump is very real…Trump was contacting Dr. Carson regularly during the campaign and remains in contact. I would not be surprised if the first call Ben got today was from Trump.”

If this is true, if Carson endorses Trump, or signs on as a future VP candidate, the idea of Carson as the humble Christian will be completely obliterated.

Trump claims to be a Christian, but

The list goes on and on. What Christian–what conservative, for that matter–would endorse or support someone with a rap-sheet like that?

It seems like everyone is granting Carson “graceful loser” status. Not me–especially if he throws his weight behind a scumbag like Donald Trump.

No one can know the mind of another person, but we can make inferences based on their behavior. Carson’s behavior over the last month has been obnoxious, selfish, and honestly deplorable. He’s not a graceful loser, he’s just another Narcissus fixated on his own reflection.

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