Irrelevant MTV Makes Desperate Attempt to Connect With Gender-Fluid Millennials


MTV, which used to be a station where music videos were played, recently decided to jump on the day-late, buck-short, Obama-inspired gender neutrality bandwagon.

While the former President made it clear that his vision of America includes bathrooms in which grown men and young girls interact, he unknowingly added a ridiculous chapter to the Social Justice Warrior’s Handbook.  Now, in the age of Donald Trump’s presidency, the #Resist movement has latched on wholeheartedly to the Obama lame duck decree as yet another way in which they can defy the President.

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Give that MTV has been steadily digging themselves into a whole of irrelevance for the last few decades, it comes as no surprise that they would latch onto any publicity stunt possible to keep their millennial audience from walking away from the television.  That’s why they decided to eliminate gender from their motion picture awards show.

“The Viacom-owned network announced Friday that its flagship awards show would eliminate gender-specific categories for the first time. In lieu of categories like ‘Best Actress’ and ‘Best Actor,’ this year’s ceremony will honor ‘Best Actor in a Movie’ and ‘Best Actor in a Show,’ the Associated Press reports.

 “The move from MTV follows similar decisions among entertainment award shows to honor stars with non-gendered awards.

“This month, Billions star Asia Kate Dillon, who identifies as gender non-binary, submitted for Emmy consideration under Best Supporting Actor, because the Television Academy allows anyone to submit under either Actor or Actress categories, according to Variety.

“’The Television Academy celebrates inclusiveness, and as we discussed with Asia, there is no gender requirement for the various performer categories,’ the Television Academy told Variety. ‘Asia is free to choose the category they wish to enter.’”

The ridiculousness of MTV’s move can only signify one thing:  The failing network is once again attempting to redefine its archaic nature in order to continue selling advertising to adolescent beauty supply companies.

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