Ironic: Planned Parenthood Celebrates Black History Month

Since February is Black History Month, schools, other institutions, and public figures around the country are honoring notable people in the Black community. It may come as a surprise, but Planned Parenthood is one of those institutions. This is ironic, given Planned Parenthood’s own history and their current practices of targeting minorities.

From Planned Parenthood’s website:

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As we enter our centennial at Planned Parenthood, Black History Month provides a unique opportunity for us to celebrate and lift up those who have fought at the intersections racial, gender, reproductive and LGBTQ justice. That’s why Planned Parenthood is incorporating the theme of “Past, Present, and Future” to honor outstanding leaders during Black History Month 2016.

This year’s theme of “Past, Present and Future” challenges us to reflect on our history, assess how far we have come, and envision the world we want — a world of freedom and justice for all people.

While Blacks comprise 12.3% of the U.S. population, they make up 30% of abortions. Whites do make up about 36% of abortions, but they also comprise 63% of the population. Whether intentional or not, Blacks are disproportionately affected by abortion. And most Planned Parenthood clinics are located in minority communities.

Margaret Sanger – the eugenicist founder of Planned Parenthood – stated in an article, “The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” She was one of eleven children and associated having large families with all sorts of social ills. She thought that if people would just keep their families limited to two children, we wouldn’t have to deal with domestic violence, poverty or unemployment.

Sanger’s solution, which was shared by other eugenicists, was to curb the population rate of those who were “unfit” and “feebleminded” through the distribution of birth control and access to sterilization and eventually abortion. She talked about ways to solve the “Negro problem” in the U.S. since she viewed them as “human weeds” and “reckless breeders.” She even thought that there were some people who were so “unfit” that they should not be allowed to have any kids at all and should submit to forced sterilization.

It seems a bit ironic that an institution like Planned Parenthood would be celebrating the very people that they disproportionately kill through abortion.

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