Hurricane Irma

Irma Has Passed, But The Elderly in Florida Are Not Out of The Woods Yet

Thanks to our 24 hour news cycle, the mainstream media has already set Hurricane Irma aside in favor of pleasing their advertisers with more Russian collusion nonsense.

Once the high winds and flooding sail over the horizon, news stations are no longer willing to utilize their resources to keep boots on the ground for coverage of recovery efforts or rebuilding.  Worse yet, in storms such as Irma, the massive impact is still threatening the lives of many Floridians, yet, without the dramatic shots and “harrowing” situations that these starlet reporters face, there are no ratings to be had.

Such is the case this week in Florida.  While a great deal of the mainstream media clowns have retreated back to their newsrooms, Florida is still facing massive setbacks from looters, armed thugs on patrolling the streets, and an oppressive return of the state’s signature muggy weather – the latter being a grave concern for a great many of the Sunshine State’s residents.

“Police have evacuated several people from a Hollywood nursing home, where at least eight people have died.

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“According to Hollywood Fire Rescue and Police, 115 people were evacuated Wednesday morning at The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, located at 1200 N 35 Ave., due to intense heat and no power. Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief confirmed five people have died, but it remains unknown whether the deaths are related to the heat.

“The mayor added that three deaths occurred at the nursing home, and three deaths were pronounced on arrival at a nearby hospital.

“Hollywood Police Chief Tom Sanchez said, ‘Right now the building has been sealed off. We’re conducting a criminal investigation inside. We believe at this time they may be related to the loss of power in the storm. We’re conducting a criminal investigation, not ruling anything out at this time.’”

While the media returns to their anti-Trump rhetoric, Florida is very much still in shambles.

For all that these “news” outlets get wrong, when they are consistently on-site they at least bring a sense of visibility to the affected areas.  No, they are not police or rescue workers, but their coverage can, at times, inspire those working to recover into situations that may have been overlooked otherwise.  The loss of power combined with Florida’s oppressive heat makes it seem quite obvious that nursing homes and hospitals should be lifted high into the upper echelon of first responders’ priority list, but such is not always the case.

Meanwhile, on your 24-hour news channel, you’re likely being inundated with absurd amount of Russian conspiracy talk and fabricated pressure put on Special Counsel Robert Mueller to make a move against the President of the United States.

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