Iranian Drone Too Close For Comfort as U.S. Jet Attempts Carrier Landing

International decorum has been at an all time low in recent weeks, as a number of American adversaries continue to push the envelope of acceptable behavior.

North Korea has certainly been the premiere offender over the course of the last 7 months, with a number of illegal and dangerous missile tests revealing projectiles that could potentially strike U.S. cities as far away as Chicago, Illinois.  To up the ante, Kim Jong Un and his cronies are now capable of attaching nuclear warheads to these devices, according to new analysis by American sources.

Beyond North Korea’s direct threats lies a Russian military force that has promised retaliation against the United States should President Donald Trump use force to quell the nonsense in North Korea, or to again retaliate against the monstrous Assad regime in Syria.

Not to be outdone by this unsavory cast of characters, Iran has once again thrown their hat into the fray with a dangerous military stunt in the Persian Gulf that nearly cost one American serviceman his life.

“An Iranian drone flew within 100 feet (30 meters) of a US Naval jet Tuesday as the American plane was trying to land on an aircraft carrier in the Gulf, the Navy said.

“The encounter unfolded in international air space as the F/A-18E Super Hornet was preparing to land on the USS Nimitz, US Naval Forces Central Command spokesman Commander Bill Urban said.

“He said that despite repeated radio calls to stay clear of flight operations near the Nimitz, the Iranian drone executed “unsafe and unprofessional” altitude changes near the F/A 18.

“The US jet had to maneuver to avoid collision, with the drone passing just 100 feet away at its closest point.”

This is far from the first incident involving U.S. and Iranian military vessels in the Gulf this year.

Just last month the United States was forced to fire warning shots at an Iranian ship that ran far too close for comfort after ignoring a number of American threats regarding its proximity.  In all, the U.S. has indicated that thirteen incidents have occurred between Iran and the American military in the first half of 2017.


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