Iran Sends Chilling Threat in Direction of “All” United States Military Bases

Thanks to the bizarre route of capitulation taken by former President Barack Obama, the rogue nation of Iran is now more dangerous than ever.

Obama, in all of his self-appointed wisdom, made a spectacularly unethical nuclear “deal” with Iran during his presidency that allowed the Persian nation to continue developing nuclear power, but forbade the Iranians from then using that technology to create atomic weapons.  Throughout history, and from the get-go of this new deal with the U.S., Iran refused to allow inspectors unfettered access to their supposed nuclear power sites, leaving an exorbitant amount of wiggle room in the original deal.

This doesn’t even take into account the reports of vast cash payments coming from the Obama administration and heading into the Iranian government.

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Now that President Donald Trump has begun to take a better look at this horrendously lopsided and ignorant agreement, he has rightfully threatened to dismantle the entire thing piece by piece.  This is incensed the Iranians, who had grown comfortable via Obama’s cushy deal, and they are now making incredibly bold threats toward the United States.

“A top Iranian military commander has threatened to launch ballistic missile attacks on U.S. forces in the region amid a public effort by the Islamic Republic to show off its advanced missile capabilities, according to U.S. officials and regional reports.

“Iranian leaders disclosed that their advanced ballistic missile technology, which could be used as part of a nuclear weapons program, is sophisticated enough to strike U.S. forces up to nearly 1,300 miles, or 2,000 kilometers, away, which encompasses all U.S. bases in the region.

“The head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, announced on Tuesday that Iranian missiles can already ‘cover all U.S. bases in the region’ and that Tehran has the capability to increase its missile power even further.

“‘Based on the policies specified by the Leader [Ayatollah Khamenei], the range of our missiles is limited to 2,000km, but we have the capability to increase the range,’ IRGC Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari said following an announcement by the country’s supreme leader that Iranian ballistic missile technology would be capped at this distance for the short term.”

Of course, these threats from the Iranian regime come at a time of great international turmoil, specifically when it comes to aggression toward the U.S.

North Korea, a de facto ally of Iran, has long been threatening a similar strike on U.S. locales and outposts, albeit with the added caveat of a potential hydrogen bomb warhead attached to their ICBM’s.  With Iran joining the anti-American fray, President Donald Trump and his advisers will need to keep their head on a swivel and an eye to the sky.

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