Iran Enters Submarine Missile Game Ahead of Possible World War

The world at large seems destined for war, according to many international observers, and the defiant Iranians are looking to get in on the action.

For years, Iran has been a staunch and vocal opponent of the United States and her allies.  Their leadership has not only hurled incredible insults toward the U.S. in recent decades, but have also threatened to wipe sovereign nations such as Israel off of the map.

Despite these provocative and unethical actions, former President Barack Obama was eager to broker a deal with the irate Iranian government that would allow for the persnickety Persian nation to further develop their nuclear technology.  The deal, which has been widely criticized for the ease of which the Iranians can circumvent the safeguards in place regarding nuclear weaponry, has been declared a major “disaster” by the Trump administration.  Now, it looks as though Iran is indeed working on bettering their weapons technology, as a submarine missile test this week has shown.

“Iran attempted to launch a cruise missile from a submarine in the Strait of Hormuz on Tuesday but the test failed, two U.S. officials told Fox News.

“An Iranian Yono-class ‘midget’ submarine conducted the missile launch. North Korea and Iran are the only two countries in the world that operate this type of submarine.

“In February, Iran claimed to have successfully tested a submarine-launched missile. It was not immediately clear if Tuesday’s test was the first time Iran had attempted to launch a missile underwater from a submarine.

“This incident comes on the heels of other recent provocations from Iran.”

Iran could simply be sensing a redirection of U.S. military resources in the face of a brazen threat from North Korea, allowing them to conduct the supposedly clandestine test.  Unfortunately for them, however, we are no longer living in the era of a capitulatory Obama presidency in which these sorts of bold and unwarranted maneuvers go unnoticed.

Given President Donald Trump’s iron fist policies regarding international escalation of weapons, the leadership in Tehran is certainly playing with fire.

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