Iran Caught for the Second Time

There is no doubt that the world is afraid of the way Trump will handle Iran. He has stated that the Iranian Nuclear Deal was the worst negotiated deal in history. He has also said that the bullying in the Persian Gulf of the U.S. Navy would get Iranians “blown out of the water.”

So, now that Trump is president, will he use any and all provocation to scrap the deal? If he was the sitting president, we might would have a chance to see.

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Fox reports

Iran violated one of the terms of its nuclear deal signed with six world powers by exceeding a limit on its heavy water stockpile, according to a report from United Nations monitors on Wednesday — the same day the rogue nation demanded the U.S. stick to the deal, no matter what.

The deal specifies a heavy water limit of 143.3 tons. The International Atomic Energy Agency report found that Iran’s stockpile exceeded that amount by 0.10 metric tons. It marked the second time Iran stepped over the limit, according to investigators.

This is the second violation of the treaty this year. And based simply on those facts, many would see that there is a way out of this for America. But there are a few other things that must be considered.

Fox continues

In addition, analysts warn the move could deal a blow to Shiite militias fighting the Islamic State in Iraq. Iran continues to support the Shiite fighters.

“It’s important to note that Iran made no effort to hide this, hide what it was doing from the IAEA,” State Dept. spokesman Mark Toner told reporters.

Couple these two factors in and it might not be so clear cut. There are the mixing and tangling of interests in Iraq and Syria that need to be considered.

According to Iran, they have plans to sell over five tons of the Heavy water to an unnamed country. This would bring them under the limit.  We would also need to consider whether or not our allies will be angered by a hasty exit from the deal.

We shall see what if anything will come of this.

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