Iowa Takes Obamacare Reform Into Its Own Hands

The nation let out a collective, exasperated sigh earlier this year as congress once again failed to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Americans around the country had been clamoring for years about the skyrocketing costs and disappearing options within the “Affordable” Care Act.  The entire system was considered a disaster by many, and a promise to repeal and replace the faulty system was a major boost to the campaign of Donald Trump, who Americans elected forcefully over Obamacare apologist Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately for our nation, the left’s petty and pedantic “resistance” movement blossomed at just the right time to stymy the President’s action on healthcare, with a number of republican turncoats sealing the fate of our nation’s sick and tired in a dramatic vote just before the August recess of Congress.

The President and America are still fuming over the completely unethical failure of Obamacare reform, and as such, states such as Iowa are considering going it alone on the subject of healthcare after seeing the abject malfeasance of the federal government to heed We The People’s warnings.

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“Iowa asked for federal permission to alter major provisions of the Affordable Care Act next year, a proposal that will be closely watched by officials in other states who hope to rewrite parts of the health law as Republican efforts to do so in Congress have stalled.

“Iowa’s plan, which state officials said they are already preparing to implement pending federal approval, would go further than proposals that other states have made so far to revamp the health law’s rules. The Iowa setup would offer just one type of insurance plan in the individual market and reshape the subsidies that help people buy coverage, among other changes. State officials, who are formally filing for federal approval under a special waiver setup allowed by the ACA, argue they need to repair an exchange market that is expected to be down to just one insurer that has requested sharp rate increases for 2018.

“States including Idaho, Minnesota and Oregon have submitted applications for less-sweeping waivers that aim to blunt insurers’ expense for covering the claims of people with costly health conditions. In total, 13 states have passed laws authorizing state officials to craft ACA waiver requests, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. At least six others are considering such legislation.

 “’The most urgent thing for states is to stabilize the markets,’ said Rosemarie Day, a health strategist and former chief operating officer of the Massachusetts exchange. But the waiver process also ‘opens the door to trying to accomplish some things Republicans are trying to do,’ like limiting benefits currently required under the ACA. ‘This could be a backdoor way.’”
Regardless of the method of manipulation, Americans wholeheartedly agree that Obamacare must be adjusted, repealed, replaced, destroyed, or neutered if our nation is to continue in its prosperity.
In the not-so-distant future, a great many locales will face the ridiculous reality of Obamacare insurer monopolies as a number of providers decline to work within the government marketplace.  This would cause a disastrous price hike for Americans who are already struggling with the exorbitant costs of the program and the burgeoning corruption of the healthcare industry as a whole under the democratically supported nightmare.

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