Iowa Lawmaker Set to Punish Coddling of Protesters

Many things can be said about the college age crowd. They are inept at many things physically. Not because they are the generation that the “Universe” decided would not need to be able to open a can with a manual can opener. It is because they never had to do it before.

But there is also this weakness in their mental capacity and for the same reason. It seems that never telling our children no, damage them in some unexpected ways. They do not know how to handle rejection or disappointment properly.

This has led to many in the universities to protest. But instead of facing natural consequences for cutting class, the students are being encouraged to act out in this way. So, there is one lawmaker that is trying to do something about the situation.

Fox reports

An Iowa lawmaker is looking to slash funding for public colleges spending money on grief counseling and other kid-glove treatment for students upset over last week’s presidential election results — telling snowflakes everywhere: “Suck it up, buttercup.”

Since Donald Trump’s upset victory last Tuesday, colleges across the country have brought in therapy dogs, canceled exams and held “cry-ins” on campus.

But Republican state Rep. Bobby Kaufmann says he will introduce a “suck it up, buttercup” bill in January when the Iowa State Legislature resumes, in a bid to fight back against campus coddling.

This bill will cause many of the schools to treat these students like they would be treated in real life. Once “adults” enter the world, we have to face disappointment all the time. But this does not mean that we get to go somewhere and share our feelings. No, adults have to go and do their job, or they will not have a place to live.

Hopefully, this will pass, and the rest of the country will follow suit.

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