INTO THE BEAR’S DEN: POTUS to Visit Resistance-Heavy California

The State of California is, currently, still a part of this great nation known as America, despite their constant and consistent attempts to delegitimize our Commander in Chief.

Donald Trump’s ascension to power was not only a wake up call to a republican party that wasn’t ready to take a resurgence of populism seriously, but also to the liberal left, who believed that Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in for the Oval Office.

Heck, they were so delusional regarding Hillary’s chances in the general election that they even propped up Donald Trump in the primaries, believing that he would be the simpler candidate to defeat during November’s “all the marbles” vote.

“According to an email from Marissa Astor, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook’s assistant, to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, the campaign knew Trump was going to run, and pushed his legitimacy as a candidate. WikiLeaks’ release shows that it was seen as in Clinton’s best interest to run against Trump in the general election. The memo, sent to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) also reveals the DNC and Clinton campaign were strategizing on behalf of their candidate at the very beginning of the primaries. ‘We think our goals mirror those of the DNC,’ stated the memo, attached to the email under the title ‘muddying the waters.’

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“The memo named Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson as wanted candidates. ‘We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to them seriously,’ the memo noted.”

While this is certainly one of the smaller sins of the Clinton campaign, it still provides an excellent example to us of the inevitability that Clinton believed that she possessed.  What she certainly hadn’t counted on was a massive conservative awakening on America, in which the nation would wholeheartedly reject her bid for power, based on a mountain of evidence of her own corruptions; current and historical.

Even women turned away from Clinton, opting to gamble on the “locker room” talk of Trump.

From the week of the 2016 election:

“Suffragette white. Hillary Clinton wore it in the biggest moments of her campaign: when she clinched the Democratic primary, when she accepted her party’s nomination, when she made her final debate appearance. The subtle sartorial symbolism was paired with the more explicit campaign message of Clinton as a tireless striver for women and families. Throughout these many months, the Clinton team made it clear that they believed her historic candidacy had the potential to sway portions of the electorate, most especially women voters. They were counting in no small part on the support of sisterhood.

“Preliminary exit poll results show that while she won women by 12 points overall (Trump won men by the same margin, a historic gender gap),1Clinton lost the votes of white women overall and struggled to win women voters without a college education in states that could have propelled her to victory. “

The embarrassment of the whole ordeal turned Clinton vitriolic, and created a pitchfork-carrying mob out of her followers on the democratic side of things.  Soon we were beginning to see the forest for the trees, and we recognized a dangerous, radical “resistance” rising on the left.

The “resistance” is loosely defined as the wholesale opposition to any and all things Trump, conservative, or patriotic.  It is the petulant child who breaks the toy when it is no longer their turn to play.  They are the saboteur-class, and the agent provocateurs of the far, far left.  This “resistance” is everything from the rampant death threats against President Trump, to the Antifa mobs who are attempting to nullify the First and Second Amendments wholesale.

And, if we were chosen to choose a locale to be the capital of this treasonous, and treacherous, group, it would most certainly have to be Southern California.

In fact, in the days and weeks following President Trump’s historic victory over the corrupt Clinton, California itself began threatening to secede from the United States.

“California voters made one thing crystal clear on Election Night: Donald Trump isn’t the leader we want in the White House.

“Now a group of secessionists is taking advantage of postelection discontent and reintroducing a proposal to make California its own country. And it’s gaining momentum.

“About 11,000 people liked the Facebook page for the ‘Yes California Independence Campaign’ as of Tuesday night. By midday Wednesday, it had grown to nearly 17,000 likes and counting.

“’Obviously it was a huge boost for the movement because Californians hate Donald Trump,’ said Marcus Ruiz Evans, vice president of the group.”

At the time of this writing, California is still, for better or worse, a part of these United States, but they certainly aren’t acting like it.

One of the most defined and divisive bits of “resistance” schtick yet has been California’s undying opposition to Donald Trump’s plan to enforce law and order on the Mexican border – a key principle of the campaign that saw him burying Hillary Clinton in electoral college support.  Particularly disturbing have been the precocious California “leaders”, who are openly interfering with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents tasked with deporting criminal illegal aliens from gangs such as MS-13.

Some of these “resistance” figureheads have even gone so far as to claim that their locales are “sanctuary cities” – a self-serving and wholly invented term meant to provoke the federal government.

“Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, D-Calif., on Thursday stood by her decision to warn illegal immigrants of a possible impending Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid after President Donald Trump called her a ‘disgrace.’

“Schaaf warned illegal immigrants last month in a statement that ICE could be raiding the area. Oakland has become what is known as a ‘sanctuary city’ in which the local government has made it unlawful to cooperate to the fullest with federal immigration officials, making it harder for them to locate and deport illegal immigrants.”

Trump personally addressed Schaaf after the incident.

“’What the mayor of Oakland did the other day was a disgrace, where they had close to 1,000 people ready to be gotten, ready to be taken off the streets. Many of them, they say 85 percent of them, were criminals, had criminal records. The mayor of Oakland went out and she warned them all: scatter,’ Trump said during a Thursday Cabinet meeting.”

Now, in the midst of this anti-Trump hullabaloo, the fearless and unconventional President has decided to take the fight directly into the bear’s den, and will be visiting the “resistance” on their home turf in California.
“For the first time since taking office nearly 14 months ago, the president will travel Tuesday to the nation’s most populous state. Trump lost California by a two-to-one margin in 2016, worse than any modern Republican presidential nominee, and the state’s political leaders have since led the nation in challenging Trump’s policies on immigration, health care and the environment.”
“The state’s Democratic governor, Jerry Brown, suggested Trump visit a railway construction site during his trip instead of prototypes for a barrier along the Mexican border to keep immigrants out, saying the state’s focus is ‘on building bridges, not walls.'”
Of course, this creates a logistical nightmare for local police, who believe that Antifa thugs and other “resistance” rats will come out of hiding in order to make chaos during the President’s visit.
“Some anti-Trump activists said they intend some kind of action, but so far there have been no plans for a massive demonstration such as the Women’s March last year or some of the immigration demonstrations that clogged the streets of downtown L.A.

“Los Angeles Deputy Police Chief Horace Frank, who oversees the counterterrorism and special operations bureau, said that although no permitted protests in the form of marches are planned, authorities do expect to see both opponents and supporters out in numbers during a presidential visit.

“’We are prepared for anything,’ he said.

“At least one protest is planned in Beverly Hills area between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. Tuesday by a Facebook group, Trump Not Welcome in LA. More than 1,000 people have indicated they will attend. The Los Angeles Police Department is preparing for many more protests of various sizes on the Westside. Trump’s earlier visits to L.A. while he was a candidate did bring out demonstrators.”

And this was the nice, editor-approved version of this radical leftist sentiment.  Twitter was a bloodbath.


Of course, Crazy Aunt Maxine had to make an appearance as well:


Will Trump’s visit go as planned?  Or will the Bear Republic pull out all the stops in order to make Trump’s tour a living nightmare?  We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

No matter what happens on Tuesday, we will have learned an important lesson:  Californians are either a radical and violent mob of leftist lunatics, or they are all bark and no bite.  Which will it be?

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