Ryan Zinke

Interior Secretary Grabs A Hose and Does The Unthinkable At Gathering of Motorcycle Veterans


Donald Trump’s decision to rework some of our nation’s more cumbersome governmental departments had more than a few leftist agitators up in arms.

In reality, every move that President Trump makes will be spun and transformed, and possibly spun again before the mainstream media is its liberal audience get to spouting their rhetoric across the airwaves and social media.  Donald Trump could save a litter of puppies from a house fire, and a feline rights group would protest his prejudice against cats.  It is simply the way in which the mainstream media works in the modern day, where a majority of Americans get their news from cable television, where advertising is the true editor-in-chief.

In one of Trump’s earliest days as President, he began the process of rebuilding the budget of the National Park system – something that staunch libertarians will surely be applauding.  The left, however, not so much.

With changes to the National Park Service moving rapidly, the Department of the Interior which overseas our National Parks, will be extremely busy.  The financial transition in the agency will require long hours, late nights, and some quality calculators, pencils, and coffee.  So what is Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke doing hanging out with a bunch of bikers over the weekend?

He was making America great again at the site of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C.

You see, the monument itself is open to the public every hour of every day of the year.  While that is a chilling reminder of the eternal sacrifice of these brave men and women, it does not bode well for the government-mandated once a month cleaning schedule.  That’s where Zinke, some biker veterans, and a whole lot of elbow grease comes into play.

“Zinke has taken an immersive approach to his new job, which happens to include oversight of America’s national parks and monuments. The Secretary rode a horse into the office on his first day, shoveled snow off the Lincoln Memorial steps after a snowstorm, gave stunned tourists a personal tour of the cavernous cathedral beneath the Lincoln Memorial, and has engaged in international sock diplomacy.

“Today, the Trump appointee and Navy SEAL continued his hands-on approach to the office by hand-scrubbing the smudges and bird droppings off the Vietnam War Memorial.”

Zinke was joined by Rolling Thunder; one of the nation’s premier motorcycle enthusiast clubs, whose members include a bevy of Vietnam War veterans.

With the Secretary of The Interior’s help, Rolling Thunder was able to rinse, scrub, and wipe down the memorial before 8am, so that tourists would be greeted by the wall in all of her glory.



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