Instead of #NeverTrump How About #AnyoneButHillary?

The results from last Tuesday’s primary elections in Kentucky and Oregon are in and the Democrat candidates had a split decision.

Hillary Clinton narrowly defeated “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] in Kentucky, where she was not expected to win. However, Sanders soundly beat her in Oregon, a very liberal state that played to his socialist strengths. Tuesday’s tug-of-war was yet another demonstration of how divided the party is in its drawn-out national race of candidates seeking to win the nomination for November’s general election.

Clinton, who has begun to talk in terms of having her husband join her in “fixing the economy,” would like to lock up the nomination and turn her attention to the November 8 general election and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. However, according to the tabulations of the New York Times, Clinton’s sizeable lead in elected delegates, unpledged delegates and Super-delegates (estimated as 2383 to Sander’s 2291) means she remains nearly 100 delegates short of sealing the deal. The majority of the 714 Super-delegates have declared support for the Obama Heir Apparent, though they could switch candidates if “The Queen” were to lose the lead in pledged delegates, which are awarded based on election results.

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And, that brings up Sander’s pledge to stay in the race, which he made last Tuesday night to supporters in Carson, California: “Let me be as clear as I can be: I agree with you. We are in ’til the last ballot is cast.” With a two-week lull before the final set of major contests, including California, scheduled for June 7, a push is on to gain Super-delegates among the party leaders, who are free to support any candidate. If the party’s decision cannot be decided before July, CNN projects that “the party that expected to sit back and watch Republicans duke it out at their convention in Cleveland is fretting that chaos could come to Philadelphia.”

As I recently wrote in my blog, because of the high level of emotion and interest in the candidates and issues this year, some Democrats are reported to be re-registering as Republicans, so they can affect that party’s decisions. That may help insure a Republican candidate, who may or may not be able to beat “her majesty” Hillary or even the socialist Sanders.

But, that is not the only re-registering being considered, now. Conservative voters are very concerned that the next president could dramatically reshape the court with the negative, long-term effect of the liberal Supreme Court Justices, who will inevitably be appointed during the term(s) of either Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Sanders.

Never Hillary ClintonJust last Saturday, Hillary Clinton told a crowd of gay rights activists in Washington, “We could lose the Supreme Court, and then there’d be a whole new litigation strategy coming from those who oppose marriage equality.” Her campaign posted a blog post last month titled, “A Republican president could nominate as many as 4 Supreme Court justices. That should terrify you.” Hillary has repeatedly promised to appoint liberal justices who would overturn the Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling, which allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence federal elections.

As many as four vacancies may be in play, since a full half of the court now either approaching or over the age of 80. The composition of the court could end up, for decades ahead, with a solid 5-4 majority, either liberal or conservative. Of course, each appointee must be confirmed by the Senate, with 60 votes needed for a procedural vote, followed by a simple majority for the final vote.

Some have suggested Republicans and Independents may want to re-register as Democrats, in their yet-future primary elections, and help Hillary “feel the Bern,” by holding their noses and voting for Bernie Sanders. If enough Republicans and Independents did so, it might cause Sanders to win California’s “winner-take-all’ delegates and be enough to delay Hillary’s “coronation” and cause chaos in Pittsburg, at the Democrat Convention. Then, these rogue, cross-over #AnyonebutHillary voters will want to re-register after the primary to be able to vote more reasonably, in future elections!

To vote in the California primary election on June 7th, one must be an eligible citizen and registered on or before May 23rd. Also, California voters who have moved to a new, permanent residence, changed their names, or political party choice must RE-REGISTER. You can do this online, at the Secretary of State’s website: . Other June 7th primaries are being held in Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota. Check registration deadlines and means, where you live.

Voting for our leaders is a God-given privilege. Praying for our leaders is a biblical mandate. Given the rapid decline in morality and religious freedoms in our nation, this is a critically important year for all religiously-motivated citizens to vote! Let’s have high-turn-out, highly-informed, and honest elections this year!

Register. Pray. VOTE.

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