Instead of Exposing Corruption, Veterans Affairs Inspector General Does This

There are many people out there that perpetuate corruption. This is not there aim or goal, and they by no means profit from the corruption. These people many times are discussed and hate the very corruption that they perpetuate. So, how do they do this and why?

This promotion of unlawfulness and corruption is merely accomplished through silence. People do not report what they know.

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And the main reason that these people are silent is because of fear. They fear what the establishment they would expose could do to them.

But, we have to have the courage that there are times when these corrupt organizations will be found out and will be dealt with properly.

Fox reports

A top government watchdog on Thursday accused the central agency tasked with holding Veterans Affairs accountable of dropping the ball — by failing to properly investigate whistleblower claims of secret wait lists at Shreveport, La., and Chicago hospitals where thousands of veterans languished up to 15 months without care.


Further, Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner said the VA’s Office of Inspector General even tried to “discredit the whistleblowers” who brought the allegations by focusing on a narrow aspect of the case.

What this report shows us is that the group responsible for ensuring that the VA does its job, worked against that purpose. The Inspector General’s office actually sought to cover-up and hid the thing they were created to expose.

According to Fox, the OIG investigation was not complete, failing to address the issues brought up by the whistleblowers.

Fox continued

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel reports directly to the president and investigates claims of whistleblower retaliation. It has no direct authority over the VA, but the letter sent to Obama and Congress on Thursday represents a stark challenge to the supposedly independent review conducted by the VA inspector general.

This is a vindication to the whistleblowers and hopefully an encouragement to those faced with this hard choice in the future.

It is worth the hardship to do the right thing.

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