Insane Progressives Gone Wild! WATCH THEM

Political correctness has reached the point that insane progressives will video record their lunacy and expect others to cheer for them.

Here are insane progressives caught on camera… by themselves! These two social justice warriors took videos of them harassing others, thinking everyone would agree with them.

These aren’t satire. These are real people who thought their righteous indignation would gain them sympathy on the internet. The case of Annaliese Nielson is documented here. It started as an internet phenomenon when she tweeted she’d been left on the highway by a racist Lyft driver (content warning).

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On August 27th, conservative vlogger Lauren Southern uploaded a video titled “SJW Berates Lyft Driver,” in which Nielsen aggressively demands that her Lyft driver remove a Hawaiian bobblehead figurine from his dash board (shown below). After her driver refuses, she threatens to put him on “Gawker” and calls him a “fucking selfish dumbass idiot,” before he pulls over and orders her to leave his vehicle. Within four days, the video gained over 394,000 views and 5,000 comments.

Nielsen recorded the entire exchange herself. She must have sent it to a few friends and gotten feedback that this should not go to Gawker.

Someone sent it anonymously to Lauren Southern. If you can stomach it, here is the craziness (more content warning):

It was a good thing Southern posted it because Nielsen got the driver fired. When the decision makers at the company saw the video, he got his job back.

The man caught using a handicap space in Toronto is even more disturbing (and disturbed). From the Toronto Sun:

Sometimes we forget about the crap police officers have to deal with in the course of their duties.

A sample of it can be found in a bizarre, 11-minute, foul-mouthed rant by a City of Toronto employee, who was ticketed for parking in a handicapped parking space outside a variety story near Lawrence Ave. E. and the Don Valley Parkway in August.

For some reason the man — who repeatedly refers to himself as a city worker and is in fact an employee in the waste management division — posted the video of himself in which he repeatedly insults a black police officer in the most vile terms imaginable, calling him everything from an “Uncle Tom” to sarcastically urging him to “go pick some f—— cotton.”

The man, who is black, accuses the black officer of racially profiling him, and of making the mistake of thinking he was “a regular n—–”, in which he uses the n-word.

The man repeatedly warns the officers he is recording the incident on his phone and intends to post it on social media.

How can anyone reason with such insane progressives? Ironically, these are the same people who think they ought to get “safe spaces.” No, normal people need safe spaces!

Is it any wonder that this mentality leads to violence against Trump supporters and others? Our society is headed toward more violence unless something changes.

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