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Infowars is Latest Victim of Zuckerberg’s Fascism in Live Video Crackdown

The mainstream media is at war with the true, free press, and they have begun enlisting help from the new kids on the block in social media.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others have all been accused in the past of tipping their entire media platform hard to the left, and with good reason:  The millennials who they target for profit are overwhelmingly liberal.  Make no mistake, this isn’t a well-meaning service to the users…instead, this is Facebook picking and choosing the most malleable of demographics in order to create customers for life.

There is only one difference between Facebook’s leftist lean and the Joe Camel cartoon character that subtly sold cigarettes to children:  Joe Camel never had a political agenda.

Even after stints in censorship that saw his platform actively removing conservative content from users’ newsfeed, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has persisted in his liberal neo-Fascsim, disguised as a tech savvy twerp in his perpetual hoody and jeans.  The shrewd and manipulative businessman is without a doubt working to stifle the truth that exists beyond the mainstream, and he has now taken direct action against perhaps the most iconic of counterculture news outlets.

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“In a shocking move against free speech, Facebook has banned Infowars from broadcasting live video on their platform without any prior warning or a clearly defined explanation for their decision.

“While the social media giant has a long history of censoring Infowars and other libertarian or conservative-leaning voices, this is their most aggressive persecution of Infowars to date.

“In response, Infowars has issued the following appeal statement –

“‘We reviewed your policies and insights and have not found any violations. We are appalled that we’re being blocked and censored while the very same streams you’re blocking are sent over cable, AM & FM radio, shortwave and three additional streaming services with zero restrictions. This form of unbridled censorship is evidence Facebook is run by intolerant bigots who stand against the very essence of the First Amendment. We ask that you cease this blockade on our information immediately. We insist that you restore our page without restrictions unless you can provide tangible evidence of our “violations.”‘”

Infowars, the website and radio show by Alex Jones, has been railing against precisely this sort of censorship for decades.  Surely, Facebook must have realized the PR nightmare that would ensue by picking a fight with Jones.

Of course, this is all a part of Facebook’s plan.  Zuckerberg and his empire believe that they are the trend makers and “hip” police.  Facebook is acting on the assumption that they are incapable of being eclipsed by the free press, the American people, or even the truth.  Perhaps it is time that we prove them wrong.

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