Influential Physician Explains that Unborn Children Feel Terrible Pain during Abortions

LifeNews recently conducted a very interesting interview with Dr. Sheila Page, a board certified physician in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy.

The most important and heartbreaking part of the conversation comes when Dr. Page explains that the preborn feel excruciating pain during the abortion process.

LifeNews: When does the unborn child begin to respond to sensory input and become capable of feeling pain? How does the formation and functioning of the nervous system factor into this capacity?

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Dr. Page: The unborn child responds to sensory input as early as seven weeks (gestational age). All of the organ systems of the developing human demonstrate function simultaneously with the appearance of the anatomical structure. By 10 weeks, the human embryo has well-developed organ systems and most of the anatomy can be named with the same nomenclature that we use in adults. The brain has been growing rapidly and will continue to develop as the baby grows, moves, and experiences the sensory input of the environment surrounding it. There is no point in development in which the structure exists without function.

With respect to the nervous system, the structures responsible for pain perception are the afferent and efferent nerves and the lower brain structures, including the reticular activating system and the thalamus. There is no pain perception center in the cortex—the pain fibers all terminate in the reticular activating system, and a very small percent will connect in the thalamus to neurons that travel to the cortex for the purpose of localizing the pain. At seven weeks, the thalamus is visible. Within a few days, the entire system of pain perception expands into a completely intact structure and continues to develop into a very sophisticated part of the nervous system.

Dr. Page also explains that most of the current theories arguing that the preborn don’t feel pain are constructed on false assumptions that have no basis in science.

“I can’t begin to understand a motivating force behind insisting that pre-born children feel no pain. The arguments are often centered on a false supposition that there is a pain perception center in the cortex that is not functioning or intact until as late as 26 weeks. There is simply no evidence that this is true,” Page explained. “Almost all of the pain fibers terminate in the reticular activating system, and a small percent connect in the thalamus to neurons that travel to the sensory motor cortex for the purpose of localizing the pain. This means that the message is delivered to its intended destination, the lower brain centers, which are responsible for the perception of pain and for alerting the whole nervous response system that damage has been inflicted.”

The point is this: the preborn feel pain, excruciating pain, as they are being murdered by abortion doctors. These children are people. They feel pain, and they deserve our protection.

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