Kanye West

Infamous Crips Street Gang Calls For “Hit” on Conservative Kanye?!

Liberal America has been blindsided by the conservative conversion of rap superstar Kanye West over the course of the last week, with the entertainment and fashion mogul tweeting his support for President Trump, Candace Owens, and others prominent right wingers.

This has absolutely incensed the liberal left, of course, having long believed that Kanye was a tried and true progressive democrat.  The reason for this belief is likely due to the fact that Kanye is black – a racist assumption that only exists because of the left’s own divide and conquer vote gathering strategies.  You see, the democrats have cultivated an image as the only political organization to cater to the racial divide in America, simply because they created it for the purpose of winning elections.

Kanye West, however, has bucked all of this traditional left wing pandering, and it has the democrats terrified.

Just how worried are the progressive politicos of the D.C. Swamp?  Maxine Waters came right out and told Kanye to get back in line, and learn to not “speak out of turn” – a disgustingly monolithic statement that denotes Waters’ belief that she is somehow in ownership of Kanye West.  (Again, with the inter-race racism).

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Now, just to prove how ridiculously vile the left can be when a person of prominence leaves the plantation, anti-Kanye forces are conspiring with the notorious Crips street gang to silence the hip hop superstar.

Kanye West has responded to a former member of Snoop Dogg’s posse who encouraged violence against the rapper as a result of his support for Trump by seeking a restraining order against Daz Dillinger.

“Yo, national alert. All the Crips up out here, yo f*** Kanye up. You see that motherf***er, yo f*** his ass up on GP. This Crip s***, ni**a. We gon’ show you how we come together and ride on your motherf***in’ ass,” Dillinger said in a now deleted Instagram video.

“Where you at right now? All those Crips out there, you see that ni**a, bang on his ass. f*** his ass up, f*** Kanye West up,” he added, making reference to Calabasas, the city in which Kanye lives.

Dillinger subsequently posted another video in which he revealed that Kanye was seeking a restraining order.

When will the left finally decide to denounce such violent rhetoric?  Likely never, given that tragedy plays incredibly well into their path to power due to the polarizing effects of these events.

As for whether or not the Crips have any actual chance at reaching Kanye West is another story altogether, given that the infamous gang has certainly seen better days.

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