Incredible how far this liberal singer is willing to go to remove Trump

If you’ve watched any of the awards shows this season, then you’ve been subjected to your fill of anti-Trump rhetoric from the Hollywood elite. But this is absurd…

It’s no secret that liberals everywhere hate Donald Trump.

But now, in a truly desperate attempt to bypass the democratic process and forcefully impose their reality on the rest of us, at least one high-profile pop musician is trying new strategies.

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She’s turning to witchcraft.

Specifically, Lana Del Rey, who rose to fame in 2011 with her song “Video Games,” recently tweeted a cryptic message that referred to performing occultic rituals. The Rolling Stone reports:

On Thursday, Del Rey mysteriously tweeted, “At the stroke of midnight Feb 24, March 26, April 24, May 23. Ingredients can b found online.” While early speculation wondered whether the tweet had something to do with her upcoming LP, those four dates aligned with the lunar calendar’s “waning crescent moon ritual dates.”

Occultists noted that, on those four dates, practitioners of witchcraft would congregate for a mass ritual that would with the hope that their efforts resulted in Donald Trump’s removal from the Oval Office.

There’s even a Facebook group dedicated to “binding Trump.”

In witchcraft, sometimes referred to as the Wiccan religion, the different phases of the moon are supposed to bring about different magical effects. According to various Wiccan sources, the waning moon is…

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