Before Inauguration Day: What Could Go Wrong?

Here are three things that conservatives should be guarding for before inauguration day.

After the historic win by Donald Trump, what could go wrong before inauguration day? Here are three things I will pray to God to spare us from.

1. Assassination.

All the talk on the part of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on how important to our nation it is to have a peaceful transition of power is making me worry. Aside from the moral outrage, an assassination would leave Mike Pence as President. I like Pence for his Christian faith, character, and pro-life commitment, and thought all those made him an excellent running mate for Donald Trump. But when it comes to foreign policy and what is euphemistically described as “security” or “defense,” Pence seems like simply a continuation of George W. Bush’s political “philosophy.” If Pence became President, we would have another four years of the Republican establishment (we wouldn’t get four more after that). We might even get “comprehensive immigration reform.”

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That would be a horrible repudiation of the election and the will of the winning coalition. Yet, there would be no way we could stop it from happening.

Does this sound far-fetched? The media has led thousands to essentially believe that Donald Trump is the equivalent of Hitler. They would not think a Trump death was a loss.

And don’t forget the interests of foreign governments. As I wrote earlier,

Regimes that are known supporters of terrorism have invested billions of dollars in Hillary Clinton. If she was running against an establishment Republican, that wouldn’t mean much. But with a populist outsider like Donald Trump looking like he might defeat her, the stakes are high. People who are known for having no problem killing their enemies cannot be expected to have any moral quibbles against assassinating Donald Trump.

So, let’s pray that God defends and preserves Trump!

2. Lame duck passage of TPP.

I wrote about this in May. Since then, even though Paul Ryan endorsed Donald Trump, the Trans-Pacific Partnership has come up again. Obama and Ryan both want it despite it being extremely unpopular to both conservatives and liberals. Now that Donald Trump has won the election, they can no longer hope in President Clinton “fixing” the law and then passing it.

There are plenty of lobbyists who want TPP. Lame duck Congressmen might pass the law no matter how outraged voters will be because it is their only opportunity to do so.

3. Start [more of] a war in the Middle East

Donald Trump has constantly promised that he does not want war with Russia for the sake of supporting terrorists. It is sick that we live in a nation where many powerful people want war—it is their path to money and power.

However, Trump would not want to ever appear weak. That means Barack Obama could deliberately start something and leave it in Donald Trump’s lap in the hope that he will feel obligated to continue it. I don’t know how Trump would respond to such a temptation but I am praying he doesn’t face it.

What problems are you worried about appearing before inauguration day?

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