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Immigration Deal Allows 3 Million ISIS Supporters Access to Europe [VIDEO]

To stop 2 million refugees, Angela Merkel agrees to pay blackmail and give free visa access to many more millions of Asians, making her immigration solution a bad deal.

The European Union needs an immigration solution. It is no secret that the international government is experiencing a crisis in which the free welfare the nations offer is luring millions to travel from the Middle East, with a resulting crime wave.

Angela Merkel has been a staunch advocate of the destructive policy and doesn’t want to suggest that the refugee acceptance or the welfare is wrong. Instead, she thinks that she can make a deal with Turkey so that they take care of the problem for her. In fact, she is trying to force her immigration solution on everyone else.

To get some background, listen to Nigel Farage of the UK talking about the deal in the EU Parliament back in early December.

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Angela Merkel has managed to strong-arm participants at an EU-Turkey summit to agree to a worse version of this deal. Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis blog reports on Merkel’s “deal with the Devil.”

Merkel reached an agreement with Turkey that will open the floodgates for 75 million Turkish citizens to pour into Eurozone countries.

As part of the deal, the devil also demanded and received more cash.

Merkel caved in for political expediency. In the process, senior EU diplomats accused the chancellor of backstabbing. Others described Merkel’s methods “brutal”.


Despite the fact that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a de-facto dictator who just took over Turkey’s largest newspaper with a violent teargas raid by riot police, Merkel was anxious for a deal with Erdogan and got one.

Instead of merely $3 billion a year, Turkey demanded and Merkel agreed to $6 billion a year.

Now other European governments are reacting against Merkel’s immigration solution. Mish writes,

It took precisely one day for the rest of Europe to realize Merkel has gone mad with her “Deal with the Devil” that would have granted visa access to 79 million Turkish citizens in return for Turkey halting 2 million Syrian refugees from moving into Greece.

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy told Le Monde newspaper that he was “totally opposed to the idea. In Germany, Merkel’s CSU party is in revolt. And a senior EU official commented “The idea that Turkey will get a freebie on visa liberalisation is a joke.”

Turkey is over 95 percent in Asia. How does it make sense for them to join the European Union? As Farrage pointed out in the speech posted above, eight percent of the population are active ISIS supporters. The poll only questioned adults I assume, so let’s cut the population of Turkey in half using Farage’s number of 75 million: 37,500,000 people. According to my phone calculator app, that means three million active ISIS supporters will have open access to Europe if Merkel is able to push her deal through.

Furthermore, there is precious little evidence that Turkey will do anything to stop the majority of immigrants, no matter what they say on paper. Turkey will get cash, and the Turks will get visas, but the other refugees will keep getting through.

Merkel’s immigration solution isn’t a solution and will add much worse problems.

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