Immigration Activists Square Off with DHS in Commie-Fornia Showdown

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California is once again reminding the rest of America why we weren’t at all upset when they threatened to secede from the nation after the 2016 election.

The liberal safe haven has a long and annoying history of defying the will of the rest of the nation, as if their former stranglehold on popular culture somehow entitled them to act so pretentiously righteous.  For decades, those living within the beach-y confines of the state’s southern coastline have thought themselves high above the rest of the American experience, merely due to their perceived head-start in fashion and trends.

Fun fact:  Hollywood has abandoned L.A., with the southern, red, state of Georgia doing a bulk of the film industry’s heavy lifting these days.

California is simply failing, even at the progressive schtick that they long ago invented.  A handful of states, including Colorado, beat the Bear Republic to the punch with recreational marijuana, figuratively flipping the bird to the doomed democratic fortress.

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Now, in order to regain the street cred they lost by missing the first marijuana boat, Commie-fornia is eyeing a new social justice junket in the fight for illegal immigration.  Not only have several malfeasant municipalities hilariously declared themselves “sanctuary” cities, but now, protesters are literally obstructing federal authorities who are attempting to enforce the laws of our nation.

“A crowd of immigrant rights advocates blocked a Homeland Security van late Thursday from accessing the Metropolitan Detention Center in downtown Los Angeles.

“Video footage showed dozens of people standing in the street, in front of a marked van, chanting, ‘Drive out ICE!’ and ‘Stop the deportations!’ Some held signs.”

Apparently, these activists believe that California is being particularly targeted for these ICE raids, due to their “sanctuary” declarations.

Can we imagine for a moment if I were to call my local police station and tell them that I was doing something illegal in my home.  No matter how bizarre that phone call may be, you’d best believe that a patrolman would soon be knocking on my door.

Why is it so absurd that, when California’s “sanctuary” cabal sent the President and his administration a letter containing only the letters “F” and “U”, that the proper federal authorities would respond?  California’s “sanctuary” cities just tattled on themselves to teacher.

As for these ICE Agents accused of unfairly targeting California?

“Immigration authorities said this week their enforcement operation began Sunday and focuses on ‘individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security.’

“‘This means that, ideally, we are working with local police and county jails to identify public safety threats in their custody, who are also in the country illegally, for deportation,’ said Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Sarah Rodriguez.

“But ‘uncooperative jurisdictions’ such as Los Angeles, she added, have forced ICE agents to ‘conduct at-large arrests in the community, putting officers, the general public and the aliens at greater risk, and increasing the incidence of collateral arrests.'”

The difficulty of the job for these authorities is extraordinary, no matter how dangerous liberals think that the time they spend at their keyboards is.



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