Guess Why So Many Immigrants Are Trying to Become Citizens Right Now?

Here’s a hint: immigrants seeking citizenship are hoping they will have it by November.

According to the media, immigrants seeking citizenship are hoping to have a chance to vote against Donald Trump. I heard this on an NPR story yesterday morning.

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The story features Jose Lovos a legal immigrant from El Salvador and a resident of the U.S for over two decades now. Here’s an excerpt.

LOVOS: (Through interpreter) I wasn’t very interested before in becoming a citizen because we weren’t too worried about anything. But now there’s all this rhetoric about deporting 11 million undocumented people.

KHALID: And on Christmas Day, he and his wife decided it was time to become citizens.

LOVOS: (Through interpreter) Because we want to help elect a good president for people in this country who don’t have a voice or a vote. I want to become a citizen to help other people because other people have done it for me in the past – citizen to the people who have power to make change.

KHALID: Lovos tells me the main reason he’s becoming a citizen now is so that he can vote in November against Trump.

LOVOS: (Through interpreter) I don’t understand why he has to generalize. Candidates can’t say all immigrants are bad or that we have to deport them all.

First of all, it is simply a lie that Donald Trump generalizes. Lovos probably believes it because the media keeps saying it, but it is an obvious falsehood. Donald Trump has opposed illegal immigration and the government’s policy of encouraging it for its own political purposes. His promise to build a wall is to stop illegal immigration. Ironically, the report itself admits this by referring to “all this rhetoric about deporting 11 million undocumented people.”

Some liberals may disagree with deporting illegal aliens, but they don’t often say so. Rather, they portray anyone who wants to enforce the law as an indiscriminate hater of all people of foreign origin. It’s easier to neutralize people that way.

Second, notice the power of immigration. The government gets new voters. It potentially can change red states to blue by allowing rapid immigration. If it accomplishes this through a mass influx of illegal immigration, it is even more likely to vote Democratic.

Effectively the government has been acting like a company that creates new shares and give them to new shareholders so the older shareholders have less influence over the CEO.

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