If Immigrants Don’t Like the American Way of Life, They Can Go Back Home

I don’t understand many Hispanic and Muslim immigrants. They claim they are coming to America to escape something in their homeland and to have a better life in America. To many of them, America has the lifestyle they dream of. Yet, once they get here, so many of them try to change America to be more like the lifestyle they escaped from.

I know I’m not talking about all Hispanic and Muslim immigrants, but I am speaking about a large number of them. Let me explain.

I lived in Arizona for over 36 years. I’ve seen firsthand where hundreds of illegal Hispanics move into an area. I’ve spoken with some of them and they told me that they were escaping the crime, violence, slums and poverty of their homeland. Yet the very neighborhoods they move into see an increase in crime and violence. They turn nice family oriented neighbors into slums that looked just like the ones they claimed to be escaping. Consequently, the property values decrease and what once was a nice middle income neighborhood becomes a zone of higher poverty. The end product is exactly what they escaped from.

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My old neighborhood is a prime example. It was a very nice family friendly community. My wife and I often took evening walks without any fear of being targeted. Our daughters used to walk a mile to school and we didn’t think much about it.

About two years before we moved away, a set of low rent apartments were built just around the corner from us. Most of the apartment complex was filled with Hispanics, many of which were illegals. Within a few months, the number of home break-ins and robberies started to climb. The incidences of physical violence started to rise to the point that we stopped taking evening walks and our daughters no longer walked to school. Graffiti began showing up on people’s homes and fences. Before long, nice families began moving away because of the deterioration of the neighborhood.

The last time I visited Arizona, I drove through our old neighborhood and almost didn’t recognize it. The nice landscaped lawns were gone. Few had grass, the bushes were dying, dead or gone. In their place, many lawns were filled with trash, old tires and cars in various states of dismantling.

I went to our neighborhood stores we used to shop at and they also looked dirty and dingy. Most of the signs were in Spanish only. I felt like I was shopping somewhere south of the border. I even noticed many Mexican flags flying on houses and stores, but very few American flags.

When I mentioned this to a friend of mine who still lived in a different part of town, he told me that our old neighborhood was nicknamed Little Mexico. He told me it is a high crime area and that I should avoid the area night and day. Then he told me that the same thing has been happening to more and more neighborhoods. Once the throng of illegals move in, the neighborhoods immediately start going downhill.

My friend also told me that the high school my daughters attend now has a large percentage of Hispanics. The incidences of physical and sexual assaults increased in conjunction of the increase of Hispanics at the school. Several Hispanic gangs attend the school and raping white girls is part of the initiation for some of them.

If they so wanted to escape this same lifestyle in Mexico or where ever they came from, then why have they worked so hard to recreate it here? If they came here illegally to escape crime and violence, then why are they the very ones that are guilty of bringing it here to our country.

In some areas of the country, being heavily populated by Muslims, somewhat the same thing is happening. I’ve heard and read many statements from Muslims that they don’t want to change America but then they turn around try to push sharia law and other Muslim customs on their new neighborhoods and communities.

Some states have found it necessary to pass laws that would ban any foreign laws, including sharia law, from superseding any American laws. There have already been cases where sharia law has superseded American law as in the case of a man who was physically attacked by a Muslim for wearing a zombie Muhammed Halloween costume. The attack was videoed and witnessed by a police officer, but when it went to court before a Muslim judge, the attacker was let go and the victim was chastised by the judge.

In Dearborn, Michigan, the nation’s largest concentration of Muslims, they have openly persecuted Christians for trying to witness to anyone in public. Even though Baccalaureate services have been banned in many schools because they imply an endorsement of religion, a Muslim girl’s only prom somehow is permissible. Parts of Dearborn are starting to resemble the homes they left even though they wanted to escape those very homes.

Reports of Muslim honor or mercy beatings and killings have been reported over the last few years. They claim they want to escape the violence and brutality of their homeland and yet they have brought some of the same brutality and violence with them. There are even videos out about how sharia law will change America.

Again I ask the question, of why so many immigrants work so hard in turning America into the homes that they wanted to escape from? The hypocrisy defies me. If their countries are so great, then why did they leave them in the first place. If they don’t like America and the American way of life, then go back home instead of trying to change OUR country into the country they left behind.

Perhaps the only way to preserve what’ left of our country is to elect Donald Trump and let him build the wall, which I fully support, and limit the number of Muslims and Hispanics that enter our country.

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