Imams at Two Different California Mosques Call for the Destruction of the Jews

If you believe the anti-Semitic hatred of Islam is confined to “radicals” living in the Middle East, you’re dead wrong. There is a reason that Jews are fleeing Europe in droves these days. There is a reason that most religious hate crimes committed in America are committed against Jews – not Muslims – and the number isn’t close, even though Jews and Muslims number about the same in America. (5 million Jews, 3.5 million Muslims.)

In 2014, Jews were victims of 57% of religious hate crimes in America, in 2015 they were victims of 52% of those types of crime.

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The virulence with which Islam hates Jews, and the Left’s willingness to embrace that hatred and blame the Jewish victims for the crimes they suffer, is the core reason that anti-Semitism is running rampant today.

Two examples of this hatred reared their heads in California this past Friday. Two different imams, serving in two different California mosques, each called for the “destruction” or “annihilation” of the Jews.

At the Islamic Center of Davis, just outside of Sacramento, California, the imam not only prayed for the annihilation of the Jews, he also called for the Al-Aqsa Mosque (the Jewish Temple Mount) to be liberated from “the filth of the Jews.” The imam also prayed that their god would allow he and his people to do these things (annihilate the Jews) with their own hands. (You can read a transcript of his words here.)

Meanwhile at the Islamic Center of Riverside, near San Bernardino, California, the imam prayed to Allah to “destroy” the Jews and to “turn them into booty in the hands of the Muslims.” The imam also added, that the Jews had come up with a plan to take over Palestine and would soon be demanding Mecca and Medina and “most of the Middle East.” “Allah wants us to have Jihad in our lives, no matter what and where we are… Wake up, it is time to be a Muslim. Prayer is not the only thing.” (You can read a transcript of his words here.)

Sadly, it seems that “moderate” American Islam is just as hateful and racist as its radical counterparts in the Middle East. The question is, what will America do about it? Leftists are too busy attacking, degrading, and shouting down Christians for believing the “wrong” things (even though Christians aren’t preaching death and destruction of their opponents) to worry about Muslims actually mistreating certain people. I would say that it falls to the GOP to stand up to defend our Jewish population, but today’s GOP is pretty spineless. So who will stand up to protect our Jewish friends from people who literally want to “destroy” them?


Onan Coca

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