Bill Clinton

‘I’m Old Fashioned’: Bubba Sticks Up For Womanizing Pal Franken

Bill Clinton is one of those democratic characters that make us question whether or not we should have seen the #MeToo movement coming from a mile away?

Or from decades away, at the very least.

Clinton was well known womanizer  – and that’s the nice way of putting it.

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Even before Monica Lewinsky became a household name, Clinton was groping his way through Arkansas.  Things only intensified in the West Wing.

Now, instead of laying low or at least admitting some fault here, the former President is doubling down on his womanizing ways, defending fellow abusers in the democratic party.

PBS’s Judy Woodruff asked former president Bill Clinton Thursday whether he thought it was a “good thing” that norms have changed when it comes to sexual harassment. Woodruff’s example was former Minnesota senator Al Franken being forced to resign his post after accusations that, Woodruff said, were less serious than what happened in the Lewinsky scandal.

“Well, in general, I think it’s a good thing, yes,” Clinton said about norms changing.

But, Clinton’s conversation with Woodruff would not have been noteworthy for this alone.

“I will be honest,” he said, “the Franken case, for me, was a difficult case, a hard case.”

He cited the support Franken received from women at ‘Saturday Night Live’ and called the first accusations, from radio anchor Leann Tweeden, “fantastic.”

“There may be things I don’t know. But maybe I’m just an old-fashioned person, but it seemed to me that there were 29 women on ‘Saturday Night Live’ that put out a statement for him, and that the first and most fantastic story was called, I believe, into question,” he said.

Well, Billy Boy, call me old fashioned, but if I stood accused of sexually assaulting and raping numerous women after sullying the office of the President the way that you did, the last thing I would be doing is offering my opinion on sexual conduct in government.

Franken, an actor turned politician, was one of the first high profile cases in the #MeToo movement after stories and photographs of his misconduct while performing for troops via the USO.

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