The ‘Illinois Nazi’ Running for Congress is Everything Wrong With Illinois

You may have heard the media going crazy over the “Illinois Republican Nazi” running in the state’s third Congressional District. While, he is really nothing to worry about, the fact that he will be the GOP nominee for the race is a perfect example of everything wrong with Illinois politics in one fell swoop.

CNN, for instance, floated a misleading story entitled, “Holocaust denier likely to represent GOP on Illinois congressional ballot.”

Listen, I live in Illinois and I despise the fetid Illinois GOP, but it is a flat out lie to say this candidate “represents the GOP” like CNN did. It simply isn’t true, as I’ll explain presently.

The man in question is one Arthur Jones, a perennial candidate who has never come anywhere near a general election until this latest attempt with his run in the Republican primary for the Third CD on Chicago’s south side.

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The seat is currently filled by seven-term Congressman Dan Lipinski, a Democrat from one of Chicago’s older political families. He is one of those “legacy” Democrats who only got his seat because he was the son of a former Chicago political powerhouse. These political dynasties are the Chicago way. Very often, if your great, great grandfather won a seat on the city council or got elected to Congress as a Democrat, every one of your male heirs after that will be handed the “family seat” (or one nearby its district) on a silver platter.

With Lapinski being primaried from the left, in stepped Arthur Jones to run as a Republican in the 3rd CD. But he isn’t running as a Republican as far as the state party is concerned. Indeed, the state GOP has torpedoed his candidate several times in the past by filing a lawsuit to challenge his primary ballot access signatures. This ploy always worked for the state party in the past, so GOP officials thought they would win the battle to get Jones thrown off the ballot this time, too.

Only THIS time, a court said that Jones actually DID get the required number of signatures and, therefore, he was absolutely eligible to appear on the Republican primary ballot despite the fact that the GOP did not want him as their man in the Third.

So, now we have a guy running for Congress who put a section denying the Holocaust on his campaign website. Yay, Chicago!

Before you get super alarmed that a “Republican Nazi” could be headed to Washington, don’t worry. The Third CD is over 90 percent Democrat and Jones couldn’t win if he promised a free beer with every vote (well, probably not with that offer, anyway).

Put it this way, Lipinski’s closest race was in 2012 against Republican Sharon Brannigan and he beat her 64 percent to 35 percent. The district is also went nearly 100% for Obama, too, so let’s not get all excited that a “Republican Nazi” could win election in the 3rd CD.

But, as you read this story so far, have you realized what is missing from the discussion? Yep, any talk of an official, GOP party-sanctioned primary candidate to challenge Jones.

Why have you not heard about the man the Republican Party set up to face Jones in the primary? You haven’t heard about this candidate because the Illinois GOP didn’t bother to field a candidate in the Third.


Not a one.

The State GOP doesn’t just ignore the Third Congressional District, either. There are tons of districts for state rep., state senator, city alderman, and county positions all across the Chicagoland area in which the party doesn’t ever bother to run a candidate. This refusal to bother running a candidate doesn’t just happen in the Chicago area, either. It happens all across the state. Anywhere Democrats are a majority, the state party pretty much just abandons the election.

We really don’t have to worry over much that any “Republican Nazis” will win election in the Third. But even on the off chance that it happens, you can blame the feckless Illinois GOP for not bothering to put its own candidate there in the first lace.

And what you have here is a perfect example of how bad it is to try and be a Republican voter in the state of Illinois.

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