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Illegal Immigrants Get Rude Awakening in Recent Week with Record Arrests

One of Donald Trump’s most ambitious campaign promises was to enact sweeping immigration reform in the face of the growing criminality of illegal aliens in America.

While the two-headed beast on the left decried his tactics and assertions as cruel, Trump carried forth into the fray, understanding that our great nation was being diluted by an influx of bad hombres who, sooner or later, would cause some form of negative impact in their wake.  Liberals everywhere were furious with the soon-to-be President’s wording alone, latching onto political correctness as a way to feign defiance against Trump, while, maybe, secretly agreeing with him in principle.

Now, even after suffering two massive legal defeats in the form of federal judges stalling his travel ban executive orders, Trump remains steadfast in his work to make America great again.  Work securing our border will continue, regardless of what corner the liberals force Trump into.  With ICE raids continuing, and immigration already down at our southern border, the Trump administration is making enormous strides in their effort.

“In the 100 days since President Trump signed an executive order to enhance immigration enforcement, the arrests of undocumented immigrants is up 38% from the same time period in 2016, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement data released Wednesday.

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‘ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan said his agency is focusing on undocumented immigrants with criminal records, the ‘bad hombres’ that Trump spoke about throughout his presidential campaign. But the data show that the biggest jump in arrests involved undocumented immigrants without a criminal record, a 156% increase from last year.

“Between Jan. 22 and April 29, ICE arrested 10,845 people whose immigration violations were the only marks on their record. That’s nearly triple the 4,242 people arrested during the same time period in President Barack Obama’s final year in office.”

Even more startling than these basic facts and figures is the pure criminality of those being arrested.  Using the same data metrics, 75% of those arrested by ICE were found to have criminal histories, backing up the oft-misunderstood Trumpian allegation that our southerly neighbors are not always sending their best and brightest to the United States.

Beside the obvious ramifications of this increase, which is literally just enforcement of existing laws, the enhanced crackdown has done massive collateral damage to the psyche of those who wish to cross the border illegally.  Where once, the dangerous and illegal action was considered almost commonplace, doubt has swept in like a desert sandstorm, obscuring the well-traveled path from view. Those choosing to remain on the illicit road to America do so under heavy duress, understanding now that the U.S. is once again a place of law and order.

This worry, however small and sliver-like it may be, could be the difference between life and death for many Americans who have been affected by Mexican cartel violence and narcotics.  If we are able to save even one American life from a heroin overdose or accidental death via gang violence, it will all be worth it.


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