Are All Illegal Immigrants Criminals?

What is a crime?  Have you ever considered the definition?  The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines a crime as “an act or the commission of an act that is forbidden or the omission of a duty that is commanded by a public law and that makes the offender liable to punishment by that law; especially:  a gross violation of law.”

Just what then is a criminal?  As it relates to persons “a criminal is one who commits a crime.”

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The reason I am pointing this out is that anyone and everyone who enters this country ILLEGALLY is breaking the law.

To say it another way, they are committing a crime.  And this act of crossing our border illegally makes them a criminal; to one degree or another.  I don’t care if they come from China, Ireland, Mexico, or Mars for that matter.  ILLEGAL immigration is a crime!  To read more click HERE!

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So just what did Donald Trump say about illegal Mexicans immigrants that sent fake news organizations like CNN and the Latino community so upset?  Below is Trump’s exact quote.

“When Mexico sends it people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

I hate to break the real news to you, cupcake, but Trump was right.  His clarification at the end of his statement should have been enough for a first grader to understand that he wasn’t speaking about every single Mexican.

But the media was in the tank for Hillary, and they wanted to make sure no Latino would vote for Trump.  So they twisted his words.

A wise man once told me that when a person makes a statement, there are four possible understandings.

  • What he said.
  • What you thought he said.
  • What he meant.
  • And what you thought he meant.

Needless to say, the leftist media asked Trump to explain what he meant and then ignored his elaboration.

In an interview with the CNNs (the Compromised News Network’s) Anderson Cooper, Trump tried to explain what he MEANT.

Watch the interview, and you will see that Cooper keeps using the phrase immigrant or immigration.  He leaves out the word ILLEGAL on multiple occasions.

Just so we are clear, Trump did not say every single Mexican was a criminal.  He was speaking of ILLEGAL immigrants who were pushed out of Mexico by the Mexican government because they were criminals in their own country and, as a result, brought their criminal behavior to the United States.

I am sure that Mr. Trump would agree that 99.9% of legal Mexican immigrants are good people who follow the law and have the desire to become naturalized Americans citizens.

The context was ILLEGAL immigration.  Many of these people live in an underworld committing crimes and are a blight on those who immigrate LEGALLY and work legitimate jobs to provide for their families.

It boggles the mind that people are so simple they cannot get this!


Jerry Johnson

Jerry Johnson was the former Director of the Apologetics Group and President of Nicene Council. He was the senior writer/researcher for numerous documentaries including the best-selling Amazing Grace: The History & Theology of Calvinism. In the 1990s he served as Executive Director of the Christian Coalition of Hillsborough County Florida. He currently holds an M.A. in Christian Studies and a M. Phil. in Christian Apologetics. He lives with his wife of nearly 30 years and has four children and four grandchildren.

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