Illegal Immigrant Defenders Schedule Rally to Ask Obama For 750K Pardons!

President Obama has been trying almost the entirety of his final term to get illegals a pathway to citizenship. He pushed legislation, he poked and prodded the House and Senate. Obama even gave an executive order, which was shot down by the courts.

Now, as he and the Democrats will be leaving the White House, the illegal population is in a panic. The president has done nothing to protect them from the law. But, they have found a way out, if Obama will go along with their suggestion.

The Washington Times reports

Illegal immigrants are preparing to ask President Obama to pardon some 750,000 illegal immigrant Dreamers, saying it’s their last, best hope to stave off what they fear will be a wave of deportations once Donald Trump takes office.

Community leaders have planned a rally in New York on Wednesday to make the request.

“Millions of law-abiding undocumented immigrants are fearful of what will happen when the new Administration takes control in January,” the group said in a statement announcing the rally. “However, President Obama has the power of pardons that he can use to protect all DACA enrollees.”

Here again, we have a special group that wants to do an end-around on the American people. No matter that the people have spoken concerning illegal immigration during the election. Never mind that the people representing Americans have done next to nothing to allow these people to stay.

Now, they want Obama to pardon these people. But, how can they be pardoned if not convicted of something? Can you pardon someone who has not been sentenced?

I will not be surprised if he tries.

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