Illegal Aliens Lash Out at Doomed Democrats for “Caving” on Shutdown

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Every now and then, when the democrats get a wild hair lodged somewhere, they grow bold and unwieldy – not unlike cranky children at a birthday party.

Also not unlike the proverbial brats of society, these democrats will often throw tantrums and spout nonsense in order to get attention.  That is precisely what occurred last week during a showdown between Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and the Trump administration.

Schumer and the delusional democrats had decided that they would attempt to bluff their way into forcing congress to pass an amnesty bill that would naturalize the already plentiful illegal aliens currently inhabiting the United States.  This, of course, was nothing more than a high-mark in negotiations from which the nation expected Schumer to shirk away from in order to make some sort of “victory” out of his debacle.

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Instead, the left allowed the charade continue, unabated, until the entire government shut down for the weekend.

Then, late Monday, seemingly out of pure exhaustion, the democrats gave up on their foolish stand and abandoned the entire shutdown.  Now, as Americans rejoice over returning to government business as usual, non-Americans living within the confines of our great nation are furious that the elected representatives, (that they cannot legally vote for), ditched them.

“Illegal alien activists say they are ‘outraged’ after Senate Democrats did not leave the federal government shut down in order to force a deal whereby millions of illegal aliens are given amnesty at the expense of American citizens.

“In a protest outside of the U.S Capitol, open borders advocates and illegal alien activists slammed Democrats after they originally shut down the federal government to push amnesty for illegal aliens, but then caved to President Trump and voted to reopen the government without an amnesty attached to the funding bill.

“Illegal aliens shielded from deportation by the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program with the open borders group ‘United We Dream,’ which is funded by globalist billionaire George Soros, said they were entitled to an immediate amnesty before the federal government was reopened.

“’Today we are outraged,’ one illegal alien speaker said. ‘U.S. Senators of both parties disappointed the nation today when they decided to move forward without a solution for me, for the members of United We Dream, and my little sister.’”

While the democrats would have loved to score a win for these millions of illegal immigrants, who may or may not have voted for Hillary in 2016, the fact of the matter is that Chuck Schumer knew that he was no match for President Trump – the wildly popular populist Commander in Chief who has promised our nation a return to law and order.


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