Illegal Aliens Get Protection From Patriots Thanks to Superman?

The liberal resistance to Donald Trump and his agenda has reached absurd new heights today, as the left is now recruiting fictional characters to do their dirty work.

There has been no shortage to the ways in which American leftists have demonstrated their opposition to the President, and, subsequently, to the rule of law.  You see, Trump’s entire campaign was built on a return to enforcing the laws that America already has on the books, specifically, and especially, as they pertain to the lack of accountability within our nation’s immigration system.

This has been a focal point of the Trump opposition, as they twist the President’s desire to return America to her former glory into some convoluted form of supreme bigotry that only liberals can reliably sniff out.

Of course, this is nothing more than political posturing and futile attempts of democrats to remain on whatever they believe is the “right” side of history.  The point that they are missing, however, is that they are convincing future generations that these unfathomable leaps in logic are a weapon to be used to silence their fellow countrymen.

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Now, as these attacks grow more formidable, they are also becoming far for mainstream.  Just this week, sports broadcaster ESPN was forced to issue an apology for a horrific slur aimed at our President on Twitter, published by one of their correspondents.  (No, the offender was not fired, despicably).

Not to be outdone by a mere sports channel, one legendary comic book franchise has taken the leap into anti-American sentiments with the world’s most prolific superhero protecting illegal immigrants from America flag-wearing villains.

“Right on the heels of President Trump’s announcement that he was eventually going to shut down Obama’s executive overreach on immigration, DACA, comes the latest issue of Action Comics’ Superman series (issued #987, ‘The Oz Effect‘) in which Superman rescues a group of ‘undocumented immigrants’ from an American flag bandana-wearing, machine gun-wielding white man bitter about illegals taking his job.

“When the ‘bitter clinger’ white nationalist opens fire on the immigrants, Superman shields them with his body, yelling, ‘Stop this!’

“When the Man of Steel asks, ‘Why?!’ the racist white guy responds, ‘They ruined me. Stole from me!’

“Superman grabs the angry Trump supporter gun-toting white nationalist by the collar and says, ‘The only person responsible for the blackness smothering your soul — is you!'”

Despite the nation’s complete contempt for the politicization of longstanding fictional characters, it seems that liberal creators just can’t help themselves.

The bitterness of the left is what is truly on display on the vibrantly inked pages of this particular superhero tale.  It is but their hatred and unwillingness to adhere to the rule of law that has doomed them forever to the dark recesses of American society.

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