If Marco Rubio Wants To Stop Trump, He Needs to Do This NOW

After Super Tuesday’s primaries and caucuses, everyone is talking about Donald Trump having a sizeable lead and that he is most likely headed towards the Republican nomination for president.

I’ve listened to countless news and political commentators and they are all talking gloom and doom for the Republican Party. They are saying that there seems to be no way to stop Trump. A number of them have even talked about the possibility of someone from the Republican establishment running as a third party candidate.

That’s the worst thing they could do. Just look what happened in 1996 when Bob Dole was the GOP candidate who ran against Bill Clinton. Businessman Ross Perot wanted the GOP nod, but when he didn’t get it, he ran as a conservative on the Reform ticket and environment activist Ralph Nader ran as a conservative on the Green ticket.

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The result was splitting up the conservative vote enough that allowed Bill Clinton to win the election. Clinton ended up with 47,400,125 popular votes, Dole with 39,198,755 votes, Perot with 8,085,402 votes and Nader with 685,435 votes. Had Perot and Nader not run but threw their support behind Dole, he could have ended up with 47,969,592 popular votes and may have garnered enough electoral votes to defeat Bill Clinton.

If the Republicans rebel against Trump and run a third party campaign, it will mean a certain victory for another Clinton, Hillary with Bill being First Lady.

After Super Tuesday, Trump has 316 delegates, Cruz has 226, Rubio, 106, Kasich25, Carson 8, Bush 4, and three others have 1 delegate each.

Rubio took to the stage declaring that he’ll do almost anything to stop Trump from getting the GOP nomination. If he really means it, all he has to do is withdraw from the race and throw his full support and delegates to Cruz. Doing so would give Cruz 332 delegates, 16 more than Trump. If the other Republicans did the same, Cruz would have 372 delegates, giving him a 56 delegate lead over Donald Trump.

Such a lead, along with the full support of the other GOP candidates could be enough to swing the popularity away from Trump enough to allow Ted Cruz to win the presidential nomination.

What I don’t understand is that not one news or political commentator even suggested this scenario as an option to stop Donald Trump. Instead they are already admitting defeat to the loud mouthed business mogul.

So if Marco Rubio really meant what he said about stopping Trump, then he needs to quit and support Cruz.

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