Donald Trump

If I Was Trump, Here Is What I Would Say

“What the heck is the matter with you people! I make peace with the leader of the 2nd largest nuclear power in the world and all you do is COMPLAIN. I’m not just talking about liberals and democrats and the media, but also RINOs and even many on FoxNews.”

And Terry Meeusen on The 700 Club yesterday made a great point. She asked how we could “send our leader to a summit and not give him the facts as to HOW Russia meddled in our elections” (Not that it had any impact) and then expect him to condemn Putin and are outraged when he didn’t? And also, why hasn’t the American Intelligence Institutions informed Americans of the SPECIFICS of this? We’re just supposed to accept their opinion without knowing the facts, just based on the reputations of those in charge? That’s insane, especially given the crimes that those in charge have recently done. Where is the proof and the facts?

I only like Lou Dobbs now on FBN, who sees clearly, is agitated by it all, and doesn’t have any naysayers as guests.

(My rant)

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This is my basic reaction to what is being spun in the media. WHO CARES!!! RUSSIA HAD NO EFFECT ON THE OUTCOME OF THE ELECTION. So then WHY are we focusing on it? STOP LEGITIMIZING WHAT THE LEFT IS SAYING AND GET ON WITH POSITIVE PURSUITS! It’s a GOOD thing that Trump is trying to get along with Putin and make peace and fight common enemies. Suggesting that Trump should have scolded and insulted Putin over something that we don’t even know for sure, and that he denies and that is ultimately meaningless in impact anyway is not love and peace and could lead to trouble. Stop listening to the stupid people or even giving them air time. THE BIGGEST ENEMY OF THIS COUNTRY IS THE LEFT … with its abortion and atheism and plantation mentality and divisiveness and immorality. Bring back God, marriage, family and patriotism. Those are the things that work and make people happy.

I watched the live Helsinki broadcast this morning and I thought it was nice and that they both did a good job. Then I put on FoxNews and FBN and they all said that Trump did a bad job, I guess because the witch hunters felt he didn’t go tough enough on Putin, given their conclusion that Russia meddled in our election (but they admit to no consequence. Even Putin once said that America must be pretty bored to waste time on this witch hunt. Actually they aren’t bored, they’re crazy). They would have complained no matter what. Here’s what Jesus said about that meeting. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” Matthew 5:9 And they both today were peacemakers.

Dennis Marcellino

Dennis’s purpose is to show that the culture is very off in many ways and people are suffering as a result … whereas the Bible is provably the perfect standard for truth and solving the problems in the culture and individual lives. He is available for interview. His media kit can be seen at and Dennis's books and DVDs can be found at

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