New Civil War

If A “New Civil War” Is Coming, It Will Be For The Fate of The 1st Amendment

There has been plenty of talk around the mainstream media of a “New Civil War”, and there is no denying that I myself worry about the true reason for the abundance of the phrase’s use.

I don’t believe Americans wish to fight one another in the streets of Portland, Charlottesville, or Dallas.  I believe that we want our two sides in Washington to emerge from this three-decades-long stalemate with some way to move forward without all of the vitriol and venom.

But, we do not get our information directly from the source because, frankly, C-SPAN can be a bit boring.  We get our news from a hyperbolic echo chamber fueled by the same giant corporations that are trying to suck us dry at every turn.  CNN is funded by the guys who make the chemicals that you use to clean your house.  If they want to push for deregulation of things like glyphosate, a known carcinogen, they can just pressure CNN to stay on their side of the issue.  If the station refuses, the ads gets pulled, people get laid off, and so on and so forth.

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Thanks to the prevalence of the internet in our every day lives today, there is a new level of this ruse being committed on a daily basis.  Advertising revenue is no longer coming from independent searches through Bing or Google.  Instead, most traffic is coming from social media, acting as a sort of filter for the internet at large.  The best of the best, as filtered through the people you associate with, find their way into your personal stream of the internet, and, those who control this stream control the will of the people at large.

That is why the First Amendment is in such peril today.  The gatekeepers who own these filters are erring on the side of infringement of freedom, as opposed to promotion of liberty.

Just as the impetus of the first Civil War was the idea of states’ rights in accordance to slavery, the “New Civil War” that the mainstream media is promoting will be fought over the First Amendment, and who is allowed to control the flow of free speech.

And, make no mistake about it, my fellow Americans, the media wants this chaos.  It guarantees them viewers.



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