Identifying The REAL Battles Facing America Today!

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, I cover and link four topics that highlight the real battles facing America & the world today.

Spoiler Alert – it has nothing to do with politics, Democrats or Republicans.

  1. A brief history of the world and how there have only really been two groups of people in this world.
  2. Explains how the American Revolution had nothing to do with a war against the British.
  3. Highlights four key ideas we can learn from the Declaration of Independence
  4. Highlights how today American’s everyday language has been compromised.

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Jonathon Dunne

Jonathon Dunne is an Irishman who had one dream in life – to become an American citizen. After waiting nearly 13 years, he finally secured a job offer and thought his dream was becoming a reality. However, after meeting with lawyers, he was informed he did not meet the educational or work experience requirements to even apply for a visa. While his dream may be dead, his responsibilities to America and the pursuit of freedom are not. In all his works, Jonathon highlights eternal principles, explores for self-evident truths, promotes why America at its core is an IDEA and defends American exceptionalism against those who attack it from ALL sides. Jonathon is a Christian, a public speaker, a writer and a podcaster for The Blaze Radio. You can contact him or book him for an event on or on Twitter @FreedomDisciple

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