Idaho Rape of Five-Year-Old Proves that If the Truth Does Not Fit Media Paradigm They Will Just Lie

It is hard to believe that there would be any that would turn their eye from justice in the case of a five-year-old girl.  But, with business and the left, there can be nothing more important than their goals.  This is once again proved to us in Idaho.

Breitbart reports

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White racism, not a June 2 videotaped rape by refugees from strife-torn tribal cultures, is causing the growing civic protest in Twin Falls, Idaho, according to KMVT, the main local TV station.

The pitch was delivered with the help of Nancy Taylor, who is a local advocate for greater immigration.

Now, this is an irritating problem.  If this had been two white Christian boys attacking a black girl, streets in almost every major city in America would be burning as I wrote this, of this there is no doubt.  When we see injustice, it should anger us.  But when we see that this anger is turned on its head and called for what it is not, then there should be an outrage.

And what should make us all the more angry about this lie is the people that are helping prop it up.  It is not the Muslim community.  It is not leftists.  It is cronies.

Breitbart continued

But the low-wage refugees are a profitable portion of the local labor force — and also are a growing slice of local consumers — so the local business and political establishment is eager to downplay the impact of refugee labor on Americans’ wages and neighborhoods. In Twin Falls, Mayor Shawn Bariger, who’s handling of the alleged sexual assault has been questioned by local activist groups, is also president of the Twin Falls Area Chamber of Commerce.

So, this young girl was orally and anally sodomized.  Then they turned and urinated on her and in her mouth.  But instead of these people standing for the victim and the citizens of their town, they have loved money and politics more.

It is funny what greed and power-lust does to us, but there is a penalty for not standing for justice.

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