Iceland Pays Homage to Adolf Hitler

For those who may not know it, there once was a man named Adolf Hitler. He was the leader of the Nazi Party and a firm believer in eugenics and euthanasia. He decided that those deemed by him to be unworthy of life were to be destroyed. Under a program called Action T4, more than 400,000 people were sterilized against their will and over 70,000 were killed.

Well, Iceland decided to eradicate an entire group of people. They decided people with Down Syndrome were unworthy of life, and in the last 5 years not a single baby has been born with the “disorder.” Their cure: abortion.  Obstetrician-gynecologist Peter McParland, apparently missed the section of the Hippocratic Oath that states “first do no harm” and has praised the efforts.

Does this anger you? Do you think the United States should start sanctions against them? Not so fast! 90% of women in America abort their babies if they find out the child will have Downs.

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So for those who SAY they are pro-life BUT think it’s okay if the child won’t be “normal” to abort AKA murder AKA get rid of the child, perhaps you should ask parents of children with Down Syndrome about how blessed their life has been because of that child. For that matter why don’t you ask the child about how much they love their life. According to a study of people with Down syndrome over age 12 revealed that

  • 99% are happy with their lives

  • 97% like who they are

  • 96% like how they look

You can’t get stats like that from ANY other group on the planet.

Perhaps next we can find a test to detect things like autism, epilepsy, blindness, homosexuality, red hair, obesity, heart disease, possible cancer and sarcasm in utero. Then we can just get rid of them ALL. I mean because after all it’s just a ball of cells right?

How can this be the same planet where millions of people are on baby watch for a dang giraffe?

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